⑨Pure-Heart-Street Shopping Arcade Of Misunderstanding



It was a very difficult song to write

———-In case I’m wondering, is this song in the “ballad” bracket?

Yes, well, I think it’s metal enough to be called a ballad, but it has a digital beat and piano.

It’s definitely in that category.

———-What kind of song is this?

Well, it was the second song out of the 10 on the album that I started working on, so it was at a time when my brain was not still working on it.

That’s why it was a very difficult song to write.

———-Was it difficult to finish?

Yeah, I couldn’t come up with a good structure, so I had to stop for days.

———-Which part, exactly?

How to handle the abrupt modulation of the chorus.

How to enter the guitar solo.

I had to rework the guitar solo after the chorus many times.

———-It was hard work, wasn’t it?

In short, I guess my head wasn’t in composition mode.

It took a long time, but I’m relieved that it came out the way I wanted it to.

It sounds serious

———-What about the lyrics?

I think they are the most serious ones on the album.

Simply put, it’s about lovers’ misunderstanding.

Of course, the subject matter is heavier on political corruption and war, but there is no humor in this song.

I think that’s why it sounds serious.

———-What about the shopping arcade?

There is a shopping street in Koenji called “Pure-heart-shopping-arcade”.

It appears as a motif in the song “Koenji Shinju” by “Kinniku-Syojotai”.

In the lyrics of the song, it is called “Pure-heart-street-shopping-arcade”, so I decided to borrow the name.

In other words, I just connected “T-BOLAN”‘s hit song “Pureheart of Misunderstanding” and “Pure-heart-street-shopping-arcade”.

———-It was surprisingly simple.

I think that’s how I start a creative process.

It’s the dark lyrics that save people

In the imaginary shopping arcade that appears in my song, there is a desolate scene with nothing lively.

The lovers who pass by seem to be on good terms with each other, but their hearts are somewhat disconnected from each other.

Their future is not bright.

———-That’s why it called misunderstanding.

Why did you choose such a dark lyric?

I like dark lyrics.

It’s not fun to be cheerful, is it?

I can’t write about joy and fun and love.

———-You’re making more enemies like that…

Bright songs don’t save people.

That’s because they stop thinking.

It’s the dark lyrics that save people.

I believe that.

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