①Let’s Give It All To Today



This song would be a good way to open the album

———-The first song, that’s a good one.

Right? This is one of the songs I’m most happy with the way it turned out on the album.

At first, I was going to have “Kemiko Warfare” as the opening track.

But after this song was written, I gradually changed my mind.

I thought this song would be a good way to open the album.

I tried to make the modulations more natural

———-Is there anything you’ve changed?

If I may say so myself, the chord progression has grown.

I don’t mind the abrupt modulations that are common in the Komuro sound, but in this song I tried to make the modulations more natural.

When the end of the chorus and the guitar chords at the introduction hit the right spot, I was really excited.

———-The song melody is also memorable.

The melody has a strong Japanese song flavor that I like, and it goes surprisingly well with the heavy performance.

The ending of my song is proggy

———-The song structure is also very elaborate, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

After the last chorus of the first half of the song, the beat gradually changes to a fast-paced part.

I think this structure was inspired by PANTERA’s “Mouth for War” (from “Vulgar Display of Power”).

They look a little alike, don’t they?

———-“Mouth for War” has a great tension at the end when it’s running fast!

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was going for.

“Mouth for War” ends gracefully, but the ending of my song is proggy.

I think it’s a very powerful ending.

It’s about loving our neighbors in the present

———-What were your thoughts on the lyrics?

The theme of the lyrics is “now is the best time”.

Not that I’m an ephemeralist.

It’s the same theme that Akemi Edo of JAGATARA used in “FUCK OFF!! NOSTRADAMUS” (included in “Sorekara”).

Kenji Ohtsuki dealt with the same theme in his band “Tokusatsu”’s song  “Patti Sawadee”, and more importantly, he even embroidered it on his trademark costume.

The world is in a mess now, isn’t it?

The politicians are corrupt and in cahoots with the big corporations.

Only a few wealthy people are getting richer, while we ordinary citizens are getting poorer and poorer.

That is why it is foolish to use our power and money only for ourselves.

It’s not about the past or the future, it’s about loving our neighbors in the present.

I’m not a Christian, and I’ve never read the Bible, but I still know the verse about neighborly love.

They say that poverty dulls the wit, and I think that’s exactly what’s missing in today’s society.

February 21,2022 Freakz


Marcelook Adams Galette:Department of Sophistry