③Kimigayo Seminar


———-What kind of song is this?

This is actually the last song I finished.

———-I see, that’s somewhat surprising.

Isn’t it? I had another ballad ready to go with the nine songs I had written.

I had outsourced the lyrics for this ballad, but I couldn’t get it done in time.

So I decided to put the ballad on the next album, and to write another song on short notice.

———-This song fits in well with the album, doesn’t it?

Well, it was written by the same person.

I still had a few songs’ worth of lyrics in stock, so I compared the lyrics to our stock of riffs and chose the lyric ” Kimigayo Seminar” .

———-That’s a dangerous-sounding title…

Just barely out, maybe.

I thought that the theme song’s psychedelic synth riff would go well with the lyrics, so I started working on it.

———-It’s a pretty catchy synth.

I was going to put the ballad in the ninth song, so I thought, well, this song should be the ninth song, too… but it became unbalanced.

———-I guess.

So I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have an upper followed by a song with some momentum, so I brought it in as the third song following “No-Face”.

———-YOSHIFUMI, who wrote the commentary, also praised this flow.

I am grateful for that.

But you know, it was the last song I wrote, so I had to come up with a melody that didn’t sound like any of the other nine songs.

So there are not a few strange chord progressions.

———-Like ” Left-handedness is corrected”?

That’s right.

I also wanted to give the lyrics a military feel, and I think it worked out well.

———-The guitar solo is great.

I know, right!

I especially like the riffs that come in between the solos, and they are quite long.

———-The lyrics in matter… are they okay?

Hmmm…well, I hope the world is a place where this level of expression is possible, Poison.


As for the lyrics, well, to put it simply, they make fun of netouyos(Online Right-Wingers).

From the Internet to TV, there are so many netouyos out there.

It’s an eyesore.

The reason why they spring up like this is because there are people with a purpose behind them.

———-It’s eerie because so many people are working with the same will.

You see it in the lyrics of “Timers”, don’t you?

“In the meantime, the one with a purpose is steadily getting ready, chak-chak-chak-chak. (from the song “River of Strife” by The Timers)

———-That’s a classic, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s just poking fun at the ne’er-do-wells, so please listen to it with a light heart.

———-There’s some kind of narration in the middle of the song.

There is a famous netouyo account on Twitter called “Fuka-Kurose,” who lost his account when Shinzo Abe left office.

———–That’s easy to understand.

It’s just a mess of false rumors from that account, spliced together in a messed-up order.

So it doesn’t make sense, and the grammar is messed up.

But on the other hand, what they were saying was messed up before I put them together.

That’s what I wanted to convey.

On the lyric cards, the letters are printed in one point size so you can’t see them, so if you have a microscope, take a look .

———-Normally we can’t read the letters with a microscope.

You might be able to see at least ink particles.

———-I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, give it a listen, Stay Metal!

May 2,2022 Freakz


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