Heavy metal sound quality



This is both a good thing and a bad thing

“Pantera”‘s sound quality is very clear.

Very good separation of parts.

Every part is completely audible.

Guitar sounds are heavy, but the sound quality is pleasant to listen to.

It gives the impression of a perfectly maintained sound.

It is not only “Pantera”.

Many bands these days have that kind of sound quality.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

For music like “Pantera”‘s, such a clear sound image is essential.

It enhances the appeal of the music many times over.

However, applying this clear sound quality to thrash metal and death metal is not always a good thing.

It is hard to say, but it can result in a loss of charm and rawness.

It doesn’t fully express the rawness and impulsiveness

Nowadays, we see bands playing thrash metal again.

The majority of such bands have made albums with the current sound quality.

The power of the music is certainly tremendous upon first listen.

It’s a gut-punching feeling.

But it doesn’t fully express the rawness and impulsiveness of the band’s music.

The old-fashioned sound quality may not be powerful enough for today’s listeners.

However, there are surprisingly many things that are conveyed better that way.

“Toxic Holocaust”, for example, has an old-fashioned sound quality.

However, the rawness and impulsiveness of the music is conveyed in a vivid way.

I listened to “Slayer”‘s new album “World Painted Blood” last night.

I was thrilled for the first time in a long time.

The sound was different from the old one, but the rawness of the sound was well conveyed.

November 9,2009 Freakz


Technology has advanced recently, and even amateurs are able to create clear sound.

The development of AI has contributed to this.

However, a perfectly maintained sound is not always the best.

Was the “Motörhead” live album clear?

Was the sound quality of the “Venom” album good?

This must be the turning point.

This is the time to shift to a less over-maintained sound.

I’m sure we’re in the second round.

I am convinced that a more natural and less over-emphasized sound production is required.

April 25,2022 Freakz