RDP -Crossover from Brasil-



The younger brother of “Sepultura”

Ratos de Porão…or “RDP” for short.

They read it as “Hatosudeporaon”.

They are a hardcore band from Brazil.

This band was marketed by the record company as the younger brother of “Sepultura” in the mid-term.

Maybe that’s the reason, their music in the middle period is a mix of punk and heavy metal.

I love “RDP” in this metal period

I love “RDP” in this metal period.

Until then, the musical characteristics were impulsiveness, violence, and a sense of running as fast as they could.

In the middle period, heavy metal-like guitar solos, elaborate song development, and well-crafted riffs were added to the mix.

After that, the sound returns to a more hardcore-oriented sound, so it is highly possible that this was not the band’s intention.

They probably wanted to play something simple.

I love that kind of imbalance

I am sorry, but I love the music that they were not too keen on playing.

For punk, it is well-crafted.

For metal, it has a strong impulsiveness.

I love that kind of imbalance.

…I hope they will flirt with heavy metal again, RDP.

December 24,2009 Freakz


Hmmm…I checked and it seems they are still active.

A veritable life force like a mouse.

They released an album in 2023, and I saw a description that they are going back to the metal route again in recent years.

Mmmm, I’ll have to check it out.

I wonder if there will be a Japanese release….

June 27,2023 Freakz