ConcertReport SexKanmuri November 2,2014 Japan



In the beginning

“SEX Kanmuri” was coming to my neighbor Iwate, so I took a hotel room and went to play.

This is the sixth time that “Sex Machineguns” and “The Kanmuri” have toured together.

The venue was the “five morioka” in Morioka.

In the smoky light rain, there was a line of people waiting in order of their numbered tickets, so I quickly got in line.

When the doors opened, I was asked at the entrance who I had come to see.

“Sex Machineguns!” I answered with pride, “Sex Machineguns is the small concert venue next door.”

I was embarrassed.

The entrance to the “five morioka” was a little behind.

So it was this way.

I wondered if it had been built recently.

It was a beautiful live music club with a wooden base.

The stage was about the same height as the audience, and capacity is quite small.

I waited, listening to the music while drinking the beer I had exchanged for the ticket.

It’s nice that they offer free luggage storage.

I thought it was a good service since it was November in a northern country, and there were many things that would get in the way, such as outer coats, etc.

But I did not leave my baggage with them.

I packed my hoodie in my bag and wore my LOUDPARK14 T-shirt!

I have a “Sex Machineguns” shirt, but it says “Noisy” on it.

I should have bought the one that says “Anchang” on it.

Opening talk

The lights went down and Anchang and Kanmuri Tetsuya appeared on stage.

SEX Kanmuri started with a talk between the two of them.

Anchang looks much the same as he did when he was younger.

Kanmuri appeared wearing a helmet.

Anchang teased Kanmuri, whose voice was already rattling from yesterday’s show, and they laughed at the wood-grained venue and said it looked like a sauna.

As one would expect from a band that puts the element of laughter into metal music, they were both very sharp in their talk.

I have never laughed so much at a metal concert.

The Kanmuri

The first band to play was “The Kanmuri”.

I only have their albums, “Heavy Metal with Scars” and “Heavy Metal Returned”, so more than half of the songs were new to me, but they were pretty cool!

There were too many things that impressed me, like how they suddenly got into a dance style and started dancing like crazy, or how they kissed the back of the hand of a girl in the front row and walked away, for some reason.

Later in the MC, he said that when he kissed the back of the second girl’s hand, the ring hit his teeth so hard that he thought about quitting the song.

It was also funny that he became like a talk show with Kanmuri in the middle of the song.

Anyway, his talk show was hilarious.

He was like a comedian.

The last member’s introduction was also exciting.

The song suddenly stopped, and when the members turned around, all of them had plain expressions on their faces.

I think they froze for about a minute.

And then he told the audience to look up the members on the Internet.

The songs I recognized were as follows.

Heavy Metal Returns

This was the first song.

This is so exciting!

I couldn’t hear the vocals on the CD, but I could hear them live show.

I Wanna Metal

For the first line of the song, he grabbed girls in the audience and kept talking to one of them.

This was funny.

He kissed the back of her hand after he finished.


I think it was during this song that the audience started going wild.

At the quiet part at the beginning, the audience laughed at the terrible lyrics.

Heavy Metal with Scars

The audience laughed when he said, “I’ll tell you something, Bon Jovi is not heavy metal.”

A great song.


The rest of the songs were new to me, but I just enjoyed them.

I became a fan instantly.

I want to see this band again.

If they come close enough for a one-man show, I’ll be there!

Sex Machineguns

Next up was “Sex Machineguns”.

I haven’t bought any albums since “Made In USA” and have been away from the band for a while.

Now I wonder what kind of live show the current “Sex Machineguns” will give us.

With great anticipation, I had another beer.

The lights went down and the show started.

The band appeared with “Invitation” from “Helloween”, just as before.

The supporting guitarist was SUSSY!

He has gained so much weight….


I wonder if there is a name for this song.

The usual “Jar Jar Jar Jar Jar, Oi!”

I’m excited suddenly and reached the maximum.

Song of Mandarin Oranges

Probably the most well-known song of “Sex Machineguns”.

The formation of the band exploded in the small venue, and the song was a model of metal music.

“The Kanmuri” doesn’t have that many solos, so the fast-picking solos look a few notches cooler!

Family Restaurant Bomber

It’s the same connection as in the video for “Song of Mandarin Oranges.

The “Holy Wars”-like riff at the beginning of the song is another cool burst of formation (or choreography, I guess)!

The bass player SHINGO☆ narrates the song.

His face, voice, and energy are all somewhat similar to Noisy’s.

This is a great song.

I remember I was shocked when I heard it when I was a college student.


I don’t know this song because it’s from the new album.

I ordered the album, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it in time.

The song is called “Crude Wedgie “.

It’s pretty cool.


I don’t know this song either.

But it was fast and very cool, just like Anchang.


Probably played faster in his prime, but still cool!

“Oni! Oni!” I was already getting hoarse from shouting


Old Lady in Green

I thought Anchang had lost his high notes, but he did.

Was it always there, or did it come out again?

It reminded me of the breakup live show at the Budokan.

He said, “When I see your faces, I’m starting to think I have a high voice.”

Anchang, you are so fucking cool!

Mistress 28

I’m glad they played a lot of pretty old songs.

The tempo is such that I could headbang forever, my neck is killing me!

I love this song again!

German Power

This song has been played since the beginning of the band, and has a simple but destructive riff.

One of the five most exciting songs on “Sex Machineguns.”

“Morioka Power’s ‘Too Much Power, I got a Wankosoba out of my ass. ”

Well, what a stupid metal song!

Great job, Machine Guns!


I’d have to say this song, number one.

The explosiveness, especially after the end of the solo, is tremendous.

If possible, more running would have been all I could say.

I know it may have seemed strange to some people around me, being a guy, all alone, going wild and messy, but I feel great!



Complex, legitimate melodic speed metal.

The “Rolling Thunder!” part makes me nostalgic for this kind of choreography, come to think of it.

If he can play the key of this song, Anchang can play anything, right?

I underestimated his vocal skills a bit.

“Sex Machineguns” is back in full force!


And here comes the encore.


I don’t know this song, but it was very fast.

It was like a song about softshell turtle (Lol).

Anchang said he thought it was the fastest song in Japan.

It was great to see his pride.


The last song was co-written by the two bands with the members of “The Kanmuri”.

It was catchy, and even though it was my first time listening to it, I was so excited!

It’s the kind of song that makes us yell “Sex Kanmuri, metal fire!”

I wonder if it has been made into a soundtrack?

In the end

And that was the end.

It was more fun than I had expected.

I want to go again.

Anchang’s MC has not changed.

He must have absolute confidence in the music he is playing.

This is cool.

I applaud them for putting on a two man show with bands of this generation that exceeded my expectations.

November 4,2014 Freakz


This was my first experience with “The Kanmuri”.

I fell in love with them all at once at this show.

SUSSY is still supporting “Sex Machineguns”.

They are also in the promotion photo together, but isn’t he regular members?

Anchang’s high notes still come out well.

No, I feel his voice is even better than when he was younger.

He is truly a metal monster.

November 10,2022 Freakz