Difference in studio and live



Concert is a show, a spectacle

It’s not uncommon for a live performance to be faster than the studio take.

Concert is a live show, and it is a good thing to play faster than usual because we get excited.

Even if playing faster makes them less precise, it is a good thing.

Concert is a show, a spectacle, and its primary purpose is to entertain the audience, so it’s better than having a studio take reproduced in a bland manner.

The live version is much faster

There is a song called “The Antichrist” by Slayer.

It is on “Show No Mercy”, but the live version is much faster than this studio version.

The tempo is so different that it sounds like a different song.

The same phenomenon occurs in the song “Sakurajima” from “Sex Machineguns”.

Perhaps they played it a little slower in the studio version, but the difference in tempo makes the listener exciting dramatically.

This is a pleasant sensation.

The live take of “Human Insecticide” from “Annihilator” suddenly explodes into a fast tempo towards the end of the song, and I feels the urge to scream.

(As one would expect, it is not played precisely, but that’s okay.)

I’d rather they be played fast

Trouble is, on rare occasions, the opposite of the aforementioned phenomenon occurs.

It plays slower than the studio take.

This is not acceptable.

If the tempo is technically impossible to reproduce live, that is unfortunate.

The listeners would have been like, “Too slow!” and that made us depressed.

Heavy metal, especially music with a sense of speed and aggressiveness as its main attraction, should not be played slowly.

I’d rather they be played fast and enjoyed.

January 18,2011 Freakz


I recently watched a live video of “Slayer” as a young man on Youtube.

They played “The Final Command” so fast that I laughed.

It is a fast song originally, so the power of the song is amazing!

I can only say that I was impressed.

November 11,2022 Freakz