Brain Drill -Can’t help laughing-



The history of death metal is, in one aspect, a history of the battle against speed

Death metal and speed are inseparable.

The history of death metal is, in one aspect, a history of the battle against speed.

How fast can they beat the drums, how fast can they play the strings.

The search for that physical critical point is one aspect (not all, of course) of death metal’s development.

It is similar to how the 100-meter track and field race feels like a search for how fast a human being can run a certain distance.

After a few hundred years, the 100-meter run will probably be an unbreakable record.

That direction is a dead end with “Brain Drill”

In the same way, death metal has already reached the limit of not being able to play any faster.

Death metal bands from now on should not push for speed.

Because that direction is a dead end with “Brain Drill”.

It is almost a breaking point for the gravity blasts and fast playing, which are not humanly possible. Anyway, it’s unimaginably fast and messy.

It is no wonder that many people say it is so great that they can’t stop laughing.

It is said that the direction of increasing the number of laughs in comic dialogue ended with “Knights”.

(I don’t mean that comic dialogue has come to an end , but imply that the number of moves cannot be increased any further.)

I get the same feeling from “Brain Drill”.

In death metal, the direction of pursuing fast performance ends with “Brain Drill”.

Attitude of having sold their soul to speed is pretty cool

However, it is a pity that the song itself is not so good.

It’s just “the performance is great” and that’s it.

There are no cool riffs or interesting development.

Or perhaps even those things have been stripped away as superfluous?

If so, I don’t think it is music anymore.

However, the attitude of having sold their soul to speed is pretty cool.

We will keep an eye on the activities of “Brain Drill” in the future.

February 9,2013 Freakz


I said I would keep an eye on them, but I know nothing about their recent activities.

So I looked them up and found out they disbanded in September 2019.

Nine years since I wrote this article…. I don’t know…

Did anything beyond “Brain Drill” show up?

April 15,2022 Freakz