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Many bands have incorporated “Pantera”-style riffs into their music

When “Pantera” first appeared, many subgroups appeared, because the music of “Pantera” was both new and easy to imitate.

Indeed, the unique riffs, which sound as if they are being chipped away at with a rock drill, are very pleasant to listen to, and the riffs are so simple on the surface that they are easy to imitate.

Many bands have incorporated “Pantera”-style riffs into their music.

This phenomenon resulted in the loss of the band’s identity.

Difficult to build it into a complex structure and make it into an excellent heavy metal song

“Pantera” style riffs spread throughout the heavy metal world, but they are also tricky to deal with.

It is easy to imitate only the surface riffs, but it is very difficult to build it into a complex structure and make it into an excellent heavy metal song.

In fact, “Pantera” themselves could not create a work that exceeds “Vulgar Display of Power”.

“Vulgar Display of Power” is the masterpiece of “Pantera” and the ultimate form of this kind of music.

The heavy metal world was momentarily fooled by the overwhelming perfection of this completely new music, which led to the overproduction of similar music.

It was a well-balanced mix

The reason why “Vulgar Display of Power” became a highly acclaimed masterpiece is, I think, balance.

I think it is because it was a well-balanced mix of “Pantera”-style new riffs and the heavy metal approach of the past, and that is why it has gained so much support.

I get bored halfway through the other “Pantera” albums, but “Vulgar Display of Power” is the only one I don’t get bored at all.

This “Pantera” style riff.

If there is a band that can cook it well, I would love to hear it.

October 6,2010 Freakz


Congratulations! ”Pantera” is coming to Japan!

It’s a reunion, but it’s still “Pantera”.

I can’t wait until LOUD PARK, I’m really looking forward to it.

Now, my partner is not what you might call a metal heads.

So when metal music is played in the car, I have to explain a bit (she might be annoyed).

As a result, she is now able to identify “Slayer” and “Anthrax” by their characteristics.

She can also recognize “Helloween” and “Children of Bodom”.

However, when I tried to explain “Pantera,” I found it very difficult to explain.

Because it is no exaggeration to say that every band after “Pantera” has been influenced by “Pantera”.

In other words, even if I tried to explain how innovative their sound was, my partner, who had already heard “Meshuggah”, “After the Burial”, “Veil of Maya”, “Periphery”, etc., would not understand how innovative they were.

Well, I’ve written a very long and rambling article about a very unimportant subject.

January 27,2022 Freakz