Ohtsuki Kenji



Maybe ideas and talent are exhausting

Until a few years ago, I worshipped Kenji Ohtsuki like a god.

Anyway, I loved the words he spun and his worldview, and read not only his musical works but also his novels and essays.

Maybe ideas and talent are exhausting.

I have heard that there is a fixed number of excellent mystery novels that a mystery writer can write in his/her lifetime.

unhappy artists can create more eccentric works

In fact, any great writer will only have a few masterpieces.

The same could be said of musicians as well as writers.

Every work he/she produce is a masterpiece…I have never seen an artist who is.

His works gradually changed in quality around the time “Kinniku-Syoujo-Tai” went on hiatus.

(Literally, gradually, not suddenly with “Tokusatsu”).

The change (in terms of lyrics) became more pronounced with each work.

Ironically, the change in the quality of his works can be seen around the time his mental state became more stable.

Perhaps unhappy artists can create more eccentric works than happy ones.

“I hear that poets end up pathetic” is a line from “Searchlight”(included in “Kirakira-to-Kagayaku-Mono”) by “Kinniku-Syoujo-Tai”, but where are Kenji Ohtsuki’s lyrics headed?

“Tomorrow is the day when your crazy dove will fly away.” This is “Shijin-no-Matsuro”(included in “Tanjo”) by “Zuno-Keisatsu”.

I would like to wait for another poet like Kenji Ohtsuki to appear someday, who will make my heart tremble.

December 17,2010 Freakz


It is true that Kenji Ohtsuki’s lyrics in his younger days were godlike.

However, it is impossible to keep that power up to his current age.

The lyric “Calibro died at 19” appears in the song “Searchlight,” so it would have led to his downfall.

I like Kenji Ohtsuki’s lyrics now, too.

Perhaps I am getting older and have more receptors for the quaintness of his music.

It is natural for styles to change, and it is only the ego of the recipient that should be criticized.

I would like to preach this to myself 12 years ago.

March 11,2022 Freakz