TOSHI -Without him, it’s not X-



High-tone vocals are an essential part

There are many such names in Visual-kei bands, but today’s article is, of course, about the vocalist of “X JAPAN”.

His high-tone vocals are an essential part of power metal music.

His voice is not a back voice or a shout, but a natural voice.

In the beginning, his voice sounded like a faint shout, but around the album “Jealousy”, it changed to a thin, clear voice.

This ultrasonic-like thin voice suits ballads well, but it sometimes seems a little underpowered in speed numbers.

Which one you prefer is probably a matter of taste.

He sang in a more savage way than before

Now that “X JAPAN” is back, live performances will be a mix of early metal songs and later pop songs.

I was worried about whether he would be able to hit the high notes that match the intense sound quality of heavy metal, but my fears were unfounded.

I saw them play “Blue Blood,” and the high notes came out perfectly, and he sang in a more savage way than before.

It was quite chilling to see him screaming the high notes in a hoarse voice.

He sings in a relaxed manner, in a good sense

Perhaps having escaped from the pressure of Japan’s leading rock band and finally being able to blow off steam through religious turmoil and wandering around the country, he sang freely and spontaneously.

Before, there was an unpleasant tension in his singing, as if he could never be allowed to go out of tune.

Now that has disappeared, and he sings in a relaxed manner, in a good sense.

This good atmosphere has brought out the savage quality of his early days once again.

I have never seen “X JAPAN” live on stage.

I would love to experience the current “X JAPAN” live.

April 15,2010 Freakz


After all, we should see a live concert when we can.

When I wrote this article 12 years ago, “X JAPAN” did not become active, and it is fair to say that the band is now practically inactive.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that they will even resume their activities.

Solo concerts, wine, kimonos, auditions, “Last Rock Stars”.

It is hard to believe that YOSHIKI, who is so busy, is capable of “X JAPAN” activities.

It is sad to think that we will no longer be able to see his metallic drumming.

There are whispers that YOSHIKI and TOSHI are not getting along, and this must be true.

As we saw NHK’s “Professionals: The Way of Work” broadcast the other day.

Still, I would like to say this.

TOSHI is the only one who can sing the great songs of “X JAPAN”.

It is not a matter of being in or out of key.

It is not a matter of how good or bad he is.

It’s not a matter of logic, it has to be TOSHI.

February 14,2023 Freakz