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The band I’m most attached to in my life

It is too late to write about Jeff.

Jeff of “Slayer” died.

It seems he had liver failure, even though he was still young.

Well, I never know when I’m going to die.

I thought he had gained a lot of weight recently.

I guess he drank too much alcohol.

I have been listening to “Slayer” since the first grade of junior high school.

It’s probably the band I’m most attached to in my life.

It is a shock to me that a member of the band died while the band was still persistinging strong.

Level that no other band could imitate

As Dave Lombardo said, the music on “Slayer” was created by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, and it is a collaboration between the two guitarists.

The uniqueness of the music reached a level that no other band could imitate.

My original experience of metal

The first thing I felt when I heard of his death was a sense of sadness and loss, even though it may seem like it was a common thing to say.

He was the person who gave me my original experience of metal.

The next thing that came to mind was…I was frankly anxious to know what would happen to “Slayer”.

When I saw “Slayer” at Loud Park12 last year, there was a support guitarist.

The performance was fine.

I felt there was no problem at all in terms of live performance.

The band is not sold on technique, so they may be able to perform with support guitarists as much as they want to.

There will be no problem if Kerry writes all the songs from now on…how can that be?

The next thing I thought about was…Is the compositional side of the band going to be okay?

The more I think about this, the more I feel hopelessly insecure.

Well, it is true that “Slayer” is composed by Kerry and Jeff in about 50/50 ratio.

The ratio changes from album to album, but in general it is probably about 50-50.

Then again, neither of them compose anything but “Slayer” music.

Both of them created the music for “Slayer,” and there is little difference between their songs.

Jeff’s songs are more punkish than Kerry’s, and there are a few minor differences, but nothing that you can tell by listening to them.

Who can listen to the new album and tell without looking at the lyrics card that this is a Kerry song and that is a Jeff song?

No one.

If that’s the case, then there will be no problem if Kerry writes all the songs from now on………………….how can that be?

They have been influencing each other and creating music in a friendly competition, as be just fine-sounding talk as it may sound.

How could they not be influenced by each other?

I don’t want to believe that these songs are his last works

The following is a list of Jeff’s compositions on the latest album.

World Painted Blood

Unit 731

Beauty Through Order

Human Strain

Psychopathy Red

Playing With Dolls

…What a collection of masterpieces.

I don’t want to believe that these songs are his last works.

Miraculous comeback because they are the kings of the world

I assure you.

After this, “Slayer” will lose its power.

I doubt if they will ever release a new album.

There will be a big change from the time when Dave left the band.

I wonder if they might break up.

Still, I put down my pen hoping that “Slayer” will make a miraculous comeback because they are the kings of the world.

July 3,2013 Freakz


This is my article from 2013.

I wrote this article in a drunken stupor, so I apologize for the rough language.

Jeff’s cause of death was definitely liver failure, but it seems to have started with a poisonous spider bite.

What a twist of fate.

“Slayer” eventually went on hiatus with only one more album to go.

“Repentless” was a special move that fully expressed the “Slayer” style, but other than that, the band seemed to have lost a lot of power.

Last live at DOWNLOAD JAPAN in 2019, Tom Araya’s last words.

I will never forget the scene of that day.

I still can’t seem to crawl out of the “Slayer” loss, but somewhere in the corner of my mind, I expect that they will appear in front of us again as “Slayer”.

“Good-bye, see you again someday”.

That’s what Tom said.

October 12,2022 Freakz