ConcertReport LOUDPARK13(Day 1) October 19,2013 Japan



In the beginning

I went to LOUD PARK13.

This is the second time I’ve been to LOUD PARK 13, following last year.

I can’t shake off the feeling that this year’s event was a bit of a mess, with “Stone Temple Pilots” being booked, which seems to be a different field, and “King Diamond” cancelling their show.

Personally, I was disappointed that there were fewer bands I definitely wanted to see this year compared to last year.

But, after all, if you go to a festival, you can still enjoy yourself.

I was able to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Last year, I arrived at the venue late because there were no bands I wanted to see at the beginning of the festival, but I enjoyed it so much that I regretted that I should have seen the fest from the beginning.

Based on this experience, this year I cut back on my drinking to some extent the night before the festival (but I still seem to have had a lot to drink, so I don’t remember much) and left in time to catch the first “Lost Society” concert.

I arrived at the venue with plenty of time to spare.

I bought a ticket that included a T-shirt, so I wore that, but I remember it was cold when I left last year, so I wore a long sleeve T-shirt inside.

Almost 100% of the metal heads at the venue are already wearing some kind of metal T-shirt.

It’s a view I don’t see very often.

I was given a drink ticket at the entrance by a beautiful woman, which I promptly exchanged for a beer.

I had to drink a beer to enjoy the thrash.

I moved to the arena to see “Lost Society.”

We got a good position at the front of the arena.

The lights went down and the show was about to start!

Lost Society

As expected of a young thrasher, the performance was powerful!

The band walked around the stage and head-banged with extreme energy, which made a good impression on the audience.

When the MC said “Thank you so fuckin’ mutch!” the audience was so excited.

The band’s performance is still in the development stage, but they were great.


The second band was “Crossfaith” on the ULTIMATE STAGE.

This band is a Japanese band, which I knew because of this LOUDPARK, but I decided to listen to them in the arena just in case.

It was not my favorite musical style, but I felt it was quite powerful.

I thought the band was good at stirring up the audience by making them form a circle pit and jumping all at once after making them crouch down.

As an old man of the headbanging generation, I didn’t really understand the Nebuta step-like groove, so I just watched from the edge of the venue.

The drummer had a unique way of playing the drums (he plays for show, like YOSHIKI). I thought it was cool.

Bring Me the Horizon

I also saw “Bring Me the Horizon” in the third position in the arena.

Again, not my favorite kind of music (I prefer old-school bands) and I don’t know how to groove, but the vocalist’s voice is cool.

The old man can’t do that voice.

Devin Townsend Project

After seeing three bands in the arena, I was exhausted, so I sat down to watch the fourth band, “Devin Townsend Project.”

I have to sit down to watch difficult music.

I wonder if they are not playing the “Strapping Young Lad” song now?

I like that one.

I was impressed that the three string players lined up and played like machine guns firing in unison.


The fifth band was “Therion.”

Hmmm…a weird band.

The white painted male vocalist (using both operatic voice and growl) and the two female vocalists (both singing in an operatic way) were at first weird and suspicious.

Even so, I felt that the band had a charm that other bands did not have.

There seemed to be some trouble before the band started playing, so the start was delayed, and there were some mistakes in the songs they played.

It was interesting to hear them say “Sorry” or “Sumimasen” when they played the wrong song.


We had lunch while watching Therion.

The Tokyo Pork Donburi was better than I expected (I wasn’t expecting the taste), and I was very satisfied.

Food is an important factor in festivals like this.


With our stomachs full, the sixth band, “Lordi,” came on stage.

The loudest band of the day!

The zombie costumes were fun to watch.

But the musicianship was not really to my taste, and I was nodding off.

Lynch Mob

Seventh was “Lynch Mob.”

Again, not my favorite music, and I was nodding off in my seat.


Eighth was “Behemoth.”

While I was watching “Lynch Mob” from the Big Rock Stage, the Ultimate Stage was already packed.

I thought they must be a very popular band.

The aura or presence of the vocalist was tremendous.

However, I like faster songs, so I couldn’t really get into them.


The ninth band was “Carcass,” my personal main today.

…I will post it as a separate section at a later date.


Tenth was “Angra.”

I saw “Angra” in the arena.

Starting with “Angels Cry,”

I was happy to see them perform many songs from their first album, including “Time”

and “Carry On.”

Though he couldn’t sing “Carry On” because the key was too high.

I wish they would choose a new vocalist who can sing high notes.

I also wanted to hear “Spread Your Fire” and “Evil Warning.”

The sound quality was clear enough, and I could enjoy the technical performance to my heart’s content.


Eleventh, “Europe.”

A classic of classic hard rock.

I enjoyed it chilling at my seat.

Age has nothing to do with rock music.

The performance was wonderful.

The keyboard of “Final Countdown” is unforgettable.

Stone Temple Pilots

Twelfth, “Stone Temple Pilots.”

Hmmm…not really my cup of tea….

I guess many of you must have felt that way.

I dozed off in my seat and went home.

I don’t know about the hard part, but I decided that I would rather go home than go to sleep.

At the End

…And so the first day ended.

Listening to metal music all day long is such a tiring thing!

Drinking too much beer is also tiring.

My body is exhausted, but I must enjoy myself again tomorrow.


To be continued…

October 28,2013 Freakz


This was 9 years ago, so I must have been young.

The range of music I listen to is narrow and limited.

I want to go back to the past and lecture myself, because I feel it’s a shame to have dismissed it as “not my taste.”

“Lost Society” is now in the middle of their career, and their music is becoming more relaxed.

“Crossfaith” came to Aomori once, and I had the rare experience of seeing them in a live music club.

I was scared that they played Wall of Death even in a small concert venue.

“Bring Me the Horizon” has deepened and deepened and spontaneously jumped out of the metal box.

I think it was the right thing to do as an artist.

I never understood the appeal of the “Devin Townsend Project” at the time.

Now I love the band.

I should have seen “Europe” and “Stone Temple Pilots” in the arena.

I have many regrets, but LOUD PARK still has the magic of a festival that makes you feel that you had a good time and are glad you went.

LOUD PARK 2023, I’ve already booked a hotel room!

December 13,2022 Freakz