ConcertReport LOUDPARK12 October 27,2012 Japan



In the beginning

I went to LOUD PARK12.

It was already around 12:30 p.m. when I arrived at the venue.

My brother VERTICAL and I attended the event together, and we had a drinking party until 4:00 a.m. the night before because we didn’t want to see so much at the beginning of the event.

So we arrived quite late and were surprised at the size of the venue.

I couldn’t quite picture it being indoors with three stages, but I guess that’s how it is.

I handed my ticket to the attendant and received a drink ticket and a small piece of paper with the timetable on it.

These pieces of paper are not just paper, but are laminated and pretty, and although you might say it’s a small thing, it heightens my anticipation.

At the party the night before, we had hoped to see the show starting with “Outrage,” but it was already past the start time of “Outrage.”

We changed into our official T-shirts and quickly made our way to the Extreme Stage.


Halfway there, I heard the voice of “Hibria” saying “Tiger Punch!” I thought they were playing a CD of “Hibria,” but in fact, it was a live performance.

“Don’t underestimate a metal band’s performance ability!”

I felt like I had just been given a blow to the face.

I only heard the sound leaking into the hallway, but it was really good.

(I soon learned that not only “Hibria” but all the bands were very good.)


We arrived at Extreme Srage.

The performance of “Outrage” had already started.

Perhaps it was the magic of seeing the band live, but the sound of “Outrage,” which I normally don’t enjoy so much, was cool.

“Outrage” is cool! …but I did what I had to do first, such as leave my luggage at the cloakroom and wait in line to buy beer.

By the time I had taken care of what needed to be done, “Outrage” was already over, and I rushed to the “Dragonforce” stage.


I was concerned that if I didn’t rest my legs while watching the show, I wouldn’t last long enough to see “Slayer”!

So we headed upstairs to the free seats.

The idea was to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

However, as I settled into my chair and listened to the first song, “Holding On,” I began to feel itchy.

Perhaps it was the distance from the stage and speakers, but the sound was muffled.

This was not good enough for me.

I moved to the first arena.

I decided to rush forward as far as possible and listen there.

And that decision was the right one.

It was really a wonder.

The speed at which they played was so fast that it was almost mind-boggling.

The way they played so fast was truly breathtaking.

This is a band that has the power to knock the socks off even the average person who doesn’t know anything about guitar technique or other such trivialities.

Downtown’s manzai was criticized at the time of their debut as “Thugs standing around talking.”

But to the audience, it’s like, “I don’t care if it’s manzai or not, it’s funny.”

“Dragonforce” is no different.

Even if you don’t know anything about metal or stylistic beauty, listening to it makes you feel a thrill.

That’s what it’s all about.

Maybe “Dragonforce” is not well-balanced in terms of the balance of the songs, because the solo is abnormally long.

But that’s the biggest attraction.

It’s a charm that other bands don’t have.

I was a bit moved by that performance.

I think anyone who can’t recognize “Dragonforce” as metal must be a stubborn person.


“Dragonforce” ended.

I was moved by “We are Dragonforce” at the end of the show.

We moved to the Extreme Stage right away.

We had a beer and sat down to watch “1349.”

I needed to rest my legs.


After a while, “Cryptopsy” started on the Extreme Stage.

I wanted to see this band from the beginning, so I made my way to the front as far as possible.

The performance was incredible, and Flo Mounier’s playing was outstanding, but there was one thing that stunned me even more.

During the concert, a circle pit formed and the audience began to spin around in circles.

What I mean is that a circular space was suddenly created in the audience, and the crazy audience members ran in the circular space that appeared.

They run in a circular motion, counterclockwise (I don’t know why counterclockwise, but it happened every time).

Moreover, the audience on the periphery of the circle were enjoying a series of high-fives, raising their hands to the audience who continued the circular, spinning motion.

For some reason, the people spinning and the people holding out their hands were all smiling.

I wondered for a while what this scene was all about.

And what’s more, the band playing was “Cryptopsy.”

Well, it was amazing in many ways.

Sonata Arctica

“Cryptopsy” finished.

A short rest here.

We sat on the ground listening to “Sonata Arctica” and took a break.

Their performance became a lullaby, and Vertical and I were nodding off together.

In Flames

As it was, “In Flames” started.

After listening to two songs while sitting down, we moved to the Extreme Stage.

I could have rested while listening to “In Flames,” but I wanted a beer.

I figured that the official bar would be empty at this time when “In Flames” and “Dir En Grey” were playing at the same time.

And as expected, there was no line in front of the beer counter, and I was able to buy a drink easily.

We sat down and drank our beers while waiting for the next “Children of Bodom.”

Children Of Bodom

I weaved my way through the crowd and got a position at the front of the line.

Then “Children of Bodom” started.

The first song was “Warheart.”

The third song was “Silent Night, Bodom Night.”

I like their second album “Hatebreeder” anyway, so I was excited to the max by these two songs.

“Shovel Knockout” was the next song.

It is one of my favorite songs on the new album, and its fast riffs are super cool.

The other audience members seemed to be in high spirits as well, and here the circle pit was born.

Alexi spit and played his guitar standing vertically, which was cool to death.

When Alexi and Janne harmonized, he often moved next to Janne and played.

From my position, that put me in the speaker’s blind spot, which was a mistake.

From now on, I will have to position myself on the left side.

When “Downfall” was finished, I checked my watch and moved to the stage for “Slayer.”

“Children of Bodom” started to play another song “Are You Ded Yet?” but I can’t afford to miss “Slayer.”

We moved on, listening to the song on our backs.

We arrived at the stage and soon the show of “Slayer” started.


To be continued…

October 30,2012 Freakz


LOUD PARK12 had three stages.

Reading the report, I got the impression that it was so busy, moving around in the middle of the performance, but I enjoyed it.

It was fun for me to try to figure out which bands to see and how to move around until the day of the festival.

LOUD PARK, which will return for a limited run in 2023, is at Makuhari Messe, so there will probably be two stages.

However, it was a waste of my time to go in the middle of the festival.

It was my first time to attend a festival, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Yes, it was my first time to see the circle pit.

That’s why I’m explaining it to you.

Oh, Alexi Laiho was still going strong at that time.

Anyway, I will definitely participate in LOUD PARK in 2023.

If we had said that we would decide after seeing the lineup, they would have ended up with a lack of attendance, and as a result, fest would not have been able to stand up.

If you go to festivals, you will have fun.

It’s also a festival where you fall in love with a band for the first time.

Okay, I’m already getting a hotel room now!

December 13.2022 Freakz