④Infinite Multiplication Shuffle Beat


———-This is also a very groovy song.

This album is a collection of songs with a good groove in the first half.

And, as is often the case with metal albums, they put a shuffle song on the third or fourth track.

I don’t have an example of a good one.

In the end, they just put a 6/8 song here and there, and say, “Cause we’ve got a lot of the same songs”.

———-Well, it’s not always like that, is it?

Then, I’m not saying that all of them are bad, but I often feel that way.

But this “Infinite Multiplication Shuffle Beat” is different.

I’d like to say out loud that I wrote the song on shuffle from the beginning, that it’s inevitable.

———-I don’t know who You’re giving a good reason to…

That’s why I put “shuffle beat” in the song title from the beginning.

I was aiming for a shuffle song that wasn’t a scheduled beat.

———-It’s certainly a song with a strong beat that can’t be thrown away.

You know?

And the chorus melody, I did it very well.

It’s got a nice Japanese song flavor to it.

———-The lyrics…it’s about Mario, isn’t it?

Yes, they are about “SUPER MARIO BROTHERS”.

This game is so good, I could probably talk about it for two hours.

———-…Please, let me just summarize.

The variety of actions you can do, even though it is drawn with such simple graphics.

You can walk, run, jump, run and jump to increase your distance, step on it, kick it, poke it from below, not fall into a hole one square when running, throw a fireball.

There are many actions and gimmicks, just the ones I just thought of.

The stages are well designed, and you have to die many times to find the best solution, or “strategy” as they call it, to advance.

———-Isn’t that a given…?

That is not given.

How many messy action games are there?

Of course, those were the days when games of low quality were produced in a shoddy manner, so there were many games where you could progress just by randomly messing around, or games with an unreasonably high level of difficulty.

Even today, when screens have become more beautiful and the presentation more flashy, there are still many games with boring action sequences.

The action is automatic, or I don’t feel like I’m actively taking part in the action.

I am sorry to say that Nintendo is the only company that can make a solid action game at this point.

———-It is true that the latest METROID games are also very action-oriented.

Yes, the screen may be more beautiful and the presentation may be more flashy, but the core of the game remains the same.

———-I think it’s time to get back to the lyrics…

Oh, the lyrics. The starting point is, what if that Mario, the universally famous hero, is actually a pessimistic thinker?

Princess Peach gets kidnapped every single time.

And she spends more time with Bowser than with Mario.

———-…How pessimistic of Mario to do that.

It’s quite original, isn’t it, Mario being so carefree like I’m nothing anyway?

My only worry is that Shigeru Miyamoto will get mad at me.

———-I hope he gets angry with and hurts you once.

I love him so much, but you’re so boring…

———-…Imo Kin Trio…

May 18,2022 Freakz


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