⑩You Can Riot All You Want



Good view but dark

———-This song is the ending of the album, right?

Yes, it’s the last song I placed on the album.

The atmosphere of the song is, yes, dark.

———-YOSHIFUMI, who wrote the liner, described it as “a good view” though.

Some people might feel that way.

For me, it’s more like “good view but dark” and I wanted to give it a taste of late 60’s organ rock, psychedelic rock, or something like that.

———-There’s definitely a bold organ in there.

My wife complains that the organ is too loud, but for me, it’s just too much, or not enough.

Develops rapidly, but there is a straight line

I was just getting into “Iron Butterfly” at the time, so maybe that had an influence on me.

———-The development is very complex, too, isn’t it?

Yes, it develops rapidly, but there is a straight line, and I hope you can enjoy the strangeness of that.

You’ll notice that it’s not just complicated.

Right or wrong, there should never be war

———-How did the lyrics turn out?

The lyrics are a warning against the hateful and foolish people in the world.

Nowadays, it’s Putin.

At the time I wrote this song, it would be Trump, Shinzo Abe, and so on.

And other cruel scoundrels who can’t be helped.

The shameless racists.

It’s a warning to those people.

There is an anti-war song by “Ningen-Isu” called “Sekai-ni-Hanataba-wo” (from “Manatsu-no-Yoru-no-Yume”), isn’t there?

———-It’s a poetry reading, right?

Yes, that’s the song.

Listening to it now, the song is even more poignant.

The butterfly effect is sure to bring hell on earth to a ruler like Putin.

It’s a wish for peace, but at the same time it oozes a kind of resignation.

I guess that’s because I’m a pessimistic person.

———-It’s true that you are always brooding.

That’s just who I am, so admit it.

But you know, as Mr. Kyotaro Nishimura, who passed away the other day, said.

“Right or wrong, there should never be war”.

Yes, there should be no war.

I wish the people of Ukraine and Russia all the best!

March 10,2022 Freakz



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