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Completely blended in as the third member without any sense of discomfort

It has been a long time since the drummer of “Ningen Isu” was replaced by Nakajima Nobu.

The band has already released five studio albums.

I have written before about how I felt that I was missing something when the band members were changed, but I gradually became accustomed to the new drummer and even began to feel a charm that the previous drummer did not have.

I feel that he has completely blended in as the third member without any sense of discomfort.

There is one thing that I still feel that Masuhiro is still superior to him

However, although I have grown to like Nakajima Nobu, there is one thing that I still feel that Masuhiro is still superior to him, although it is frustrating.

It is the thrash music.

There are a few thrash songs in “Ningen Isu”.

Most of them are by Suzuki, but there are also many by Wajima.

“Dynamite”, “Excite”, “Sabbath Thrash Sabbath”, “Hellscape”, etc….

Although these songs are not the core of “Ningen Isu”, they are very important songs that are indispensable to get the audience excited at a live performance.

The difference in hiera performance on these thrash songs was astonishing.

The difference is so strang that I couldn’t help but say something old.

Extremely thrash metal-like

It is not that Nakajima Nobu is a bad player.

In fact, he is very good.

Masuhiro is just too great.

The difference is extremely thrash metal-like, mainly in the number of moves and two-bass hits.

Nobu plays less two-bass on “Hellscape” and I have never seen him play “Excite” (I wonder if he has?).

When I saw “Excite” in Shibuya during Masuhiro’s time, it was terrific.

I remember being impressed that he could reproduce that drumming live.

This is not a complaint against Nakajima Nobu.

It is also true that he has a lot of charm that Masuhiro does not have.

It is just that I, as a thrash metal lover by nature, am selfishly feeling a little sad about it.

October 22,2011 Freakz


I heard that Nobu beat “Excite” live.

Not that I saw it.

I heard Wajima and Suzuki said it was fine with Nobu’s arrangement.

But Nobu insisted on copying Masuhiro.

Hmmm… Nobu is a cool guy.

November 16,2011 Freakz


The above article was written by me 11 years ago.

I have some points that I don’t like to express now, but I dared to publish it as it is, since I will be writing an addendum.

Again, both Nobu and Masuhiro have their charms.

We should not talk about which one is better than the other.

It is as meaningless as asking whether round natto or ground natto is better.

The “Wriggling in the Dark” tour is underway, and there is a thrash song that was not played at the Aomori concert.

It’s a song I really, really like.

Hmmm, I wish I could have heard it.

September 16,2022 Freakz