Two Vocals -Power of dialogue-



Grindcore vocalists often use two different types of voices

In grindcore, vocals serve as a kind of percussion instrument without melody.

However, if the same voice is used all the time, the listener will get a little bored.

Therefore, grindcore vocalists often use two different types of voices.

One is a very low-pitched voice, and the other is a roar that sounds like a shout.

The main voice is the very low-pitched voice, in shouting at key points.

This may be because “Napalm Death”, in the early days of grindcore, did so.

Two different voices are brought out to cross each other

“Carcass”, however, fulfills this requirement by having two singers.

Jeff Walker did the shouting voice and Bill Steer did the very low-pitched voice.

This is a very brilliant idea.

It is very cool when these two different voices are brought out to cross each other.

The two sing together, and the growls pour out without even a moment to catch their breath.

It is truly a sight to behold.

I wonder if there are any other bands that use Carcass’ style?

(Of course “The County Medical Examiners” is so…)

Someone who knows more about this, please let me know.

January 23,2010 Freakz


Nowadays it is not unusual for one person to use several different voices.

It is not uncommon to find people who use both growl and clean voices.

The vocalist of “NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST” in Japan uses 8 different types of growls (unconfirmed).

In terms of interesting interplay, “Amaranthe” is by far the most interesting.

The interaction between the female clean, male clean, and male growl is very exciting to listen to.

March 16,2022 Freakz