Sound quality not too heavy



Easier to convey subtle intensity and emotional subtleties

As the name “heavy metal” implies, being heavy in sound quality should be a good thing.

However, I believe that it depends on the occasion.

For example, the sound quality of “Reign in Blood” by “Slayer” may sound light compared to recent albums, and some young people may be dissatisfied with it.

But, the power and vividness of the song is only possible because of that sound quality, and I don’t think “Reign in Blood” in today’s clear and heavy sound quality would be even better, if not less appealing.

A slightly lighter sound is easier to convey subtle intensity and emotional subtleties.

“…And Justice for All” by Metallica is lighter sounding and I don’t hear much bass.

I can, however, enjoy it as a thrash metal album.

But, unlike the example of “Reign in Blood”, I do think it could have been better with a change in sound quality.

Slightly lighter sound that retains the rawness of the music

A recent example is “After the Burial”‘s “Forging a Future Self”, which is very light in sound, but phenomenally clear.

It fits the atmosphere of the song very well and is pleasant to listen to.

If you think that down-tuning the band would make them heavier, you’d be wrong.

I like a slightly lighter sound that retains the rawness of the music these days.

August 8,2011 Freakz


Let’s put an end to the days when sound pressure is all that is needed.

Isn’t dynamism more important?

I’ve come to think so more and more since I’ve started listening to hard rock classics.

Is it my age?

Well, maybe it has to be heavy because it’s called “heavy metal”.

“After the Burial”‘s “Forging a Future Self” is too scuzzy for my taste now.

I think it’s too.

I feel that a slightly muffled sound that doesn’t cut too much into the midrange would be warmer.

I’m looking for something more natural and comfortable… but it’s difficult to find.

October 23,2022 Freakz