Number of songs -More is not better-



The flow and structure of an album have a great influence on the evaluation of an album

Too many songs on an album is not good.

Of course, grindcore is a genre that requires a large number of songs to be included, so it is difficult to say exactly.

The flow and structure of an album have a great influence on the evaluation of an album.

An album that is sluggish or ends on a sour note is not likely to be highly rated.

Even if it contains many good songs.

To put it all together in a good way, with neither sluggishness nor sagging, 10 or so songs should be just about right.

In the past, there were many works that included 7 to 9 songs.

If the songs are well-crafted, I don’t think there are not enough songs.

Some listeners may say that 10 or so songs are not enough.

However, there are not many good albums that contain 16 or many songs. (There are a few, though.)

The work is not cohesive, and it inevitably gets lost in the middle of the film.

It is extremely difficult to include 16 songs and make sure that there are no inconsistencies in the structure of the album.

“What not to record” is more important

The songs that are included in the later “Sepultura” and “Soulfly” albums, which are little pieces or sound effects, I have no idea what the intention was in including them.

They are just snags, and the flow of the album as an album is completely cut off there.

It is said that “what not to teach” is more important than “what to teach” in education.

It is the same with musical works; “what not to record” is more important.

December 20,2011 Freakz


Nowadays, CDs are becoming a relic of the past, and many young people are enjoying music on Spotify and other services.

Even if they do buy music, it is mainly by downloading.

When I gave my CDs to my partner’s acquaintance the other day, I was surprised to hear that he didn’t have the equipment to listen to them.

While I understand that this is the current era, I still want to listen to music by album, and I want to evaluate music by album.

Many people may have predicted that vinyl records would become obsolete when CDs became widely available.

However, vinyl records are still being produced and players are still being sold.

No matter how many people read books and manga on their smartphones, paper books will not disappear, and CDs will not disappear either.

One of the reasons for this must be that it is meaningful to listen to an album as a whole.

I’m sure they’ll be looking at the physicality of it now.

CDs are my youth!

June 21,2022 Freakz