ConcertReport NoGod December 2,2017 Tokyo



At the beginning

I went to the final show of “NoGoD” tour.

I had wanted to see this band for a long time, and my wish finally came true.

There were already a few people in front of Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.

I entered the venue, left my luggage in a locker while my number was called, changed my drink ticket for a beer, and waited for the show to start.

I was wearing a “Slayer” shirt, and I was relieved to see someone wearing a “Marilyn Manson” shirt.

Well, the venue was darkened and the show started.

In the cage…

The first song from the new album “proof” was played as the soundtrack.

It was supposed to be an SE, but it switched to a live performance in the middle of the song.

The live performance was free and unrestrained, as the band does not use clicks.

The heavy sound image raised expectations.

break out!

The second song from the new album was played.

Dancho(vocalist) appeared on stage with great power.

I could feel my heart gradually rising as I shouted, “Break out!”.

The bass solo, drum solo, and guitar solo showed the high level of the band’s performance.

I was scared when I heard the bandgals fluttering and dancing during the chorus, but the metalheads were not to be outdone!


This is one of my favorite songs from the new album.

The lyrics are like a declaration of war by Dancho.

I feel his pride in being a clown.

But the Dancho’s voice is so elongated.

The quality is almost the same as the album.

Kakusei  (awakening)

Here we have a song from the old album to get the audience excited.

The guitar is so good!

And the way the Dancho was acting was just amazing.

I’ve come to see a great band.

The drummer and the bass player were smiling as they played the rhythm together.

Ukiyo ROCKS (Sad World Rocks)

Wow, this is the song I wanted to hear!

The lyrics are really poignant.

Enjoy the sad world more! And so on.

The choreography with hand claps is so much fun, even men can do it without embarrassment!

This is rock entertainment.

Shinkiro (Mirage)

Here again was a calm middle tune from the new album.

It was a good song, but the audience’s reaction was not so good.


“Henrietta” was played in the same order.

The guitar work was quite complicated.

It’s good to see such a rhythm-changing type of music in this position.

It seems to appeal to lovers of progressive rock.

The quiet part in the middle is also very atmospheric, and I hope they continue this line.


I don’t know this song due to lack of study.

Kyoji-to-tomoni (With Pride)


I didn’t know they would even play this song.

An instrumental song with Dancho pulling out.

That’s what I’d expect from a recording tour!

Compared to the songs with songs, it seemed more avant-garde and maniacal.

The skill of each part was outstanding.


Dancho appeared on stage again for another song.

A power ballad in the style of “NoGoD”.

If they can play this kind of song, this band must be one of the metal bands, right?

It was a song that made me feel the power of “NoGoD” that has deepened.


I haven’t studied enough.

I have an impression that it was very good.

Sendo (Agitation)

This one is a hit!

The fastest song from the new album.

It is not so melodious, but the running style of the performance makes the heart hot.

The middle part, which is played slowly on purpose, is also the best part of the song.

Dancho’s performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I felt like I could see the band’s bottom line.

I was headbanging like crazy.

Let it out!

Saiko-no-Sekai (The best of all worlds)

So powerful!

Not only the performance, but also the Dancho’s vocals.

Without a doubt, he is one of Japan’s best high pitched vocalists.

It would be too much of a compliment to say that it was on par with Michael Kiske.

It was that great!


The title track of the new album was the main theme of the concert.

At first, I thought it would be a rather subdued song, but it was also very tasteful.

It was tear-jerking pop, yet rocking enough to make your heart dance.

Especially, listen to the melody in the middle part!

Kono-Seakai-ni-Mihanasaretemo (Even if this world gives up on me)

Encore from here.

Dancho changed into a T-shirt and no hat.

It was recorded at the end of the best of album, and apparently the song was written when Dancho was a teenager.

The key was so high that I thought the current Dancho wouldn’t be able to sing it, but he was still able to do it!

Dancho sang in a high tone, though it looked tight.

It was quite impressive.

Not just the best in Saitama, but the best in Japan!

He is so cool!


This is another classic song.

Full of parts that the audience can enjoy dancing to.

This is a song for live performance.

The verse sounds like “T.M.Revolution”.

This song is one of the best.

Anyone who can’t recognize this as metal is a bigot.

The lyrics are hot too!


The last song of the new album.

This one is great.

It’s too much fun to dance around with our hands in the air like Awaodori.

This song is so good!

In the MC, he said that “NoGoD” was not included in either Heavy Metal or Visual-kei, but I guess this means that it is in both.

Keiken (Piety)

Here’s this one right here.

Super fast-running heavy metal.

If this is not heavy metal, what is it?

From this point on, Dancho’s performance was so godlike (even though they are NoGoD) that I could only worship him.

Dancho’s incitement was so strong that it almost looked like punk, with his “Gah”!

Oh no, he’s too cool.

No God

The last song was this one.

This is a song named after the band.

This is the first time I’ve seen them concert, but maybe they always end with this one.

Anyway, I was sweating and jumping to the call and response of “All my heart and soul, No God!”.

I couldn’t help but run to the front of the stage.

Dancho was so excited that he dived into the audience.

This band is still going strong, or rather, they are at their peak right now.

At the end

That’s all I have to say.

I was struck by the band at first sight.

The MC was very funny, and I became a fan completely.

Seriously, seriously, they are one of the bands I will definitely go see when they come to Tohoku.

Banzai for NoGoD!

December 4,2017 Freakz


It’s been a while since I’ve read the report myself, and the passion of those days came back to me.

Currently, “NoGoD” is preparing to move on to the next step after guitarist Kyrie left the band.

I follow Dancho on Twitter, and he is a totally powerful person and his energy is amazing.

I hope I can follow his example as well.

July 27,2022 Freakz