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Naturally led me to “Rage”

“Rage” is a mid-career German metal band.

I first heard of Rage when “Black in Mind” was their latest album.

I fell in love with “Helloween,” which naturally led me to “Rage.”

When I heard “Black in Mind”, the latest album at that time, I liked it very much.

The arrangements and composition are a little rough, but the speed is perfect.

The melodies of the songs have a melancholy that “Helloween” does not have, and it is pleasant.

I was pleased to have found a good band.

Huh? This is kind of boring

I was eager to buy their other albums, but I was not satisfied with them.

It wasn’t “Kinniku-Syojo-tai,” but I was in a state of “Huh? This is kind of boring.”

I tried to buy other albums, but “Black in Mind” seemed to be in a special position among the works of “Rage”.

In the albums before “Black in Mind,” the melodies are not so melancholy and the arrangements are monotonous.

The subsequent albums are strangely quieter, with fewer high-pitched shouts.

A productive band

As the band itself states, “We are actually a productive band,” the pace of releasing albums is fast, and the number of songs on each album is large.

However, this has resulted in the inclusion of many fillers on the album, which makes the album much less complete.

As much as I liked “Black in Mind,” I felt like I was being let down.

It can’t be helped that the arrangements and compositions are naive, but if that is the case, I would like to hear more German metal-like melodies and a sense of speed.

If you say that “Black in Mind” is special and not the original musicality of “Rage,” then that’s the end of the story, but please make another “Black in Mind”-like album.

March 4,2010 Freakz


I wrote this article 13 years ago, so I call them “mid-career,” but they are now one of the leading figures in the German metal scene.

Peter “Peavy” Wagner has also become a heavyweight in appearance, and if you see a photo of him in his younger days, you will be surprised.

“Rage” is still very active and continues to churn out albums.

The new guitarist also seems to be very good at technical playing.

It would be unreasonable to ask a band that is trying to move forward to go back to “Black in Mind.”

Just listen to “Black in Mind.”

But it is true that “Black in Mind” was very popular and the band toured a lot in Japan.

And they played many songs from “Black in Mind” at LOUD PARK.

“Rage” is still great.

March 14,2023 Freakz