KIBA -Authority of Japan-



This voice goes well with intense thrash metal music

KIBA is the vocalist of “Gargoyle”.

He has a very unique presence.

His voice is very strong.

When I first heard him, I thought he was singing with phlegm on purpose.

It’s not a growl, and it’s not a guttural vocal either.

It’s just a unique voice.

This voice goes well with intense thrash metal music.

It enhances the aggressiveness of the song.

However, most of “Gargoyle”‘s music has a melody in the vocals.

Especially in songs with beautiful melodies or ballads, his voice quality gets in the way of savoring them.

This is his weakness, I would say.

Slightly different worldview with a Japanese taste

KIBA writes the lyrics for all the songs.

It is another slightly different worldview with a Japanese taste, but the poor expressions are noticeable.

He uses difficult words without having mastered their usage, which makes them seem childish.

I apologize to the fans who think they like it.

In the manga “Dokaben”, there is an expression “Iwaki is the cancer and treasure of Meikun”, and the same may be said for KIBA.

March 17,2010 Freakz


I think his voice quality is a great weapon in that no one else resembles him.

So I think now that the expression “weakness” is not appropriate.

It is true that his Japanese lyrics are a bit poor, but, well, who cares?

Then we can’t listen to “Onmyoza” either, can we?

People change their minds.

Currently, three members of “Gargoyle” have left the band, and KIBA is continuing with support.

Coincidentally, I was at the last concert where the three members left the band.

After the show, a video announcement was made, which was so shocking that some of the fans were in tears.

It was the first time for me to see “Gargoyle” live, and I felt a strange connection with them.

April 22,2022 Freakz