Impellitteri -Fastest Man-



The fastest guitarist in the world

“Impellitteri” is a band that plays melodic metal in the direct neo-classical metal vein.

The band was created by Chris Impellitteri, who is often said to be the fastest guitarist in the world.

“Impellitteri”‘s music is nonprovocative, good or bad.

Many of the songs have beautiful melodies, but the compositions are all very similar.

The songs do not have much color.

How fast can you play this song?

What I look forward to when I listen to a song is the guitar solo.

‘Come on, how fast can you play this song?’

This is a fun way to enjoy his music.

I can predict where the guitar solo is going to come in, so I have a sense of anticipation that it’s coming.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

However, I listen to the extremely fast playing as if I were watching some kind of stunt.

Rather than enjoying the music, I enjoy the technique.

Both a strength and a weakness

Because there are few ups and downs in the composition and little variation from song to song, I inevitably feel that the guitar solo is the biggest climax of the piece.

This is both a strength and a weakness.

It would be very bad (I don’t think so) if people thought “it’s just fast guitar”.

If “Impellitteri” had better songwriting ability, Chris Impellitteri’s fame might have been unshakable.

January 13,2010 Freakz


The songs on “Impellitteri” are very similar, especially on the earlier albums.

So much so that I’m not confident I could guess them if I did a music intro quiz.

Since then, the album has changed to include more varied songs.

However, as mentioned above as “both a strength and a weakness,” I also feel that the eclectic musicality of the early years is what makes “Impellitteri” what it is.

It is pleasant to listen to.

Which side of the argument, you might ask, are you on?

But I can’t help it, because I don’t know which one I like better either.

November 21,2022 Freakz