⑧You Feel Like You’ve Stepped On A Cat



This song has the richest variety of detailed gimmicks

———-What kind of song is this?

This song, you see, was the first of the 10 songs to be finished.

That’s why it was such a difficult one to write.

———-It took you a long time to complete it.

Yes, it was one of the most difficult songs for me to decide on the riff and the development.

The overall impression may seem plain, but I think this song has the richest variety of detailed gimmicks.

———-It’s interesting how the various developments keep coming up one after another.

Right? Anyway, it’s like the theme riffs keep mutating and appearing one after another.

———-Is it more progressive?

Yes, after going through polyrhythms and irregular time signature to the chorus, another kind of development appears, but it took me a long time to get there again.

———-I don’t know how you came up with the idea to develop one more thing from there.

I felt like it shouldn’t end so easily.

But it turned out to be a riff that could have been the subject of another song.

———-The solo also continues in a persistent, sticky way .

“Sticky” is used in a bad way.

And the falling chorus is a piano imitation of “I stepped on the cat”(“Circus song” are called this in Japan) which is often played by children on the piano.

It too has a perverse development, one chord is changed.

———-Why did you change the chord there?

I can only answer that I wanted to change it.

———-That’s right, isn’t it?

After the last chorus, the strings have a touching ending…I don’t think I’m supposed to say myself.

———-But, I thought it was cool to wrap it up with a dramatic ending.

Okay, thanks.

It doesn’t have to mean anything. It can have one, but it doesn’t have to.

———-What are the lyrics?

The lyrics, you know, don’t really mean anything.

———-They don’t mean anything?

It doesn’t have to mean anything.

It can have one, but it doesn’t have to.

———-I have no idea how you came up with the idea.

The only idea I had at the beginning was that it would be cool to add “feel like” to the name of the song ” I stepped on the cat “.

———-…Is it cool?

It’s definitely cool.

The writer Yukito Ayatsuji often uses the phrase “…I feel like.” in his novels with great conviction.

The point is that it is a childish idea to just connect the two.

———-Is it childish to be cool?

…It happens, doesn’t it?

I was also into the occult and the supernatural at the time.

I took up the subject of the fafrotskies.

———-What kind of phenomena?

There are documented cases of mysterious rain phenomena, such as tadpoles, fish, and other strange things falling from the sky, all over the world.

You can find many of them if you do some research.

———-Sounds interesting.

And when the cat dies, the mysterious rain falls on it and makes strange abstract paintings.

It’s a lyric with no lesson.

———-Exactly, there’s no lesson to it.

You must get tired of “Bridge of Glory” and “Don’t Give up” and all that stuff.

Yeah, how about having cats do the whole 24-hour TV marathon and singing this song instead of “Sarai” at the end?

If I knew someone at the TV station, I would suggest it.

———-I’m glad I don’t know anyone. I feel sorry for the person who suggested it.


March 23,2022 Freakz


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