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Divide the musical history of “Megadeth”

If one were asked to divide the musical history of “Megadeth” into two parts, the borderline would be right between “Rust in Peace” and “Countdown to Extinction”.

The difference between before and after this border is, in my opinion, decisive.

Of course, “Megadeth” is called the “Big 4,” and all of their works can be classified as thrash metal in the broad sense.

However, the four albums before “Rust in Peace” are included in the narrow definition of thrash metal.

In a word, it is the soul of thrash metal

Specifically speaking, thrash metal in the narrow sense of the term here means thrash metal with enough aggressiveness, a sense of speed, songwriting that focuses on riff development, tense guitar solos, etc.

In a word, it is the soul of thrash metal.

(If I think about it in detail like this, it is easy to conclude that genre classification is meaningless, but I don’t think so.

Genres are definitely an indicator to some extent.)

Will I buy their next album?

I don’t dislike “Megadeth” after “Countdown to Extinction” either.

They give us high quality heavy metal every time (“Risk” I still don’t like, though).

But I guess it is not the type of music I really like.

If I buy an album by a new band and the content is “Countdown to Extinction”, will I buy their next album?

I know it’s impossible, but I still wish for it

In other words, I think the four albums before “Rust in Peace” are the reason why I like “Megadeth.”

And I also expect that a lot of people feel the same way.

“Megadeth” is returning to a harder musical style, but perhaps a true return to its roots is no longer possible.

I know it’s impossible, but I still wish for it.

September 30,2010 Freakz


Even if not “back to the roots,” “Megadeth” has been steering a thrash metal line much more than I had expected.

The new album has been well received.

Furthermore, there is information that Marty Friedman will join the band as a guest on their Japan tour.

Dave is still active as a colonel, and he is even scheduled to play an additional show.

I’m super disappointed that I can’t go to the show due to my schedule.

I’m super disappointed.

I wrote it twice.

February 7,2023 Freakz