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In the beginning

I went to the “Ningen Isu”‘s album release tour.

It was also the 20th anniversary of the live music club “Mag-Net” in Hirosaki.

The title of the tour is “Mag-Net 20th Anniversary Live: Roar from Another Dimension Release Memorial One-man Tour.”

I wanted to buy a hoodie with a picture of Neputa by Miura Donryu, so I rushed to the sales counter as soon as I entered the venue, but I was told that it was sold out before I arrived at the venue.

Hmmm, isn’t it amazingly popular?

I have often been unable to buy things at the sales, like with LOUD PARK.

Instead, I bought an XXL T-shirt in collaboration with Hardcore Chocolate.

I bought the biggest one I could find, thinking it would be better to wear it oversized.

The Mag-Net was quite crowded this time, with about 210 people in attendance.

I changed my drink ticket for a beer, and while I was relaxing and drinking, I couldn’t get to the front.

Well, I had no choice but to get a place where I could see the whole stage from a higher position.

Darkness falls, and the crowd cheers.

Shigan-Goeika  Song of This World

The bell rang, and the show started with the usual sound effects.

Well, this song is perfect for the entrance.

The first time this song was used for the entrance, I got goosebumps.

Although I also like the old bewitching sound effects.

Cho-Shizen-Gensho  Supernatural Phenomenon

I was expecting the “Kyomu-no-Koe” at the beginning, but I was wrong.

They brought a simple and exciting song.

Like “Kuru Kuru Miracle” the lyrics are lined up with pop words that I never saw in the previous albums of “Ningen Isu.”

It is a song with a lot of odd time signatures, and Wajima had originally written difficult lyrics, but he broke them all down and came up with this kind of lyrics.

Hmmm, I would like to hear the difficult one.

Neputa no Mondoriko

I knew this would be the second song, as expected!

Especially this time the jacket is a Neputa picture, and it will be played in many places.

I can’t resist the exciting riffs.

It’s just like the world of Donryu’s paintings, this is “Ningen Isu!”

Kyomu-no-Koe  Voice of Nothing

I feel that the pop-ness of “Ningen Isu” has reached the ultimate.

They have avoided the more complicated compositions of the past, and have kept it simple.

But it is still complicated from the point of view of ordinary rock music.

Color is nothing, and nothing is color.

This is a concise presentation of the theme of this work.

Sai no Kawara

A famous song from the first album.

The unique sludgeiness is unique to the first album.

The song selection is unique to Aomori Prefecture, where Mount Osorezan is located.

The composition is excellent, and you will feel a strong catharsis at the ending.

Uchu-no-Symphony  Symphony of the Universe.

It has been a long time since the last space series.

There are many famous phrases, such as “You should lock your key to your common sense.”

Wajima’s “Kambashii” is somehow memorable to my ears.

The spacy guitar is pleasant, as is typical of the Space Series.

Wajima’s detailed switching between theremin and guitar was wonderful.

Mononoke Fever  Spirit Fever

The title call drew cheers from the audience.

I wonder if this is popular.

The band depicts a bizarre world, as is typical of “Ningen Isu,” but it is cooked in a pop style, so it doesn’t seem as grotesque as before.

Whether this is good or bad depends on the listener’s attitude.

Itansha-no-Kanashimi  The Sorrow of Divergents

This song may be the only song on the album that still retains some gravity, despite the pop and simplicity of the album.

The last song of the album of “Ningen Isu” must be a song like this.

Of course, it is simpler than the previous ones, but it is still quite powerful.

The riff of the main theme is desolate and piercing.

Hoichi-Junan  Hoichi Passion

This song is also very exciting.

The body naturally swayed vertically and horizontally.

It is the most sensational riff in their recent works.

It has become a song that cannot be left out of the set list.

Kiku-Ningyo-no-Noroi  Curse of the Chrysanthemum Doll

A song from the famous “Taihai-Geijutsu-Ten” recorded on Mag-Net.

I think it will be a rare song of the day.

I actually heard it for the first time, but it was my favorite song, so I was excited!

The odd time signature makes it really hard to shake my head.

Wajima’s literary lyrics have reached the ultimate point.

Tsukiyo-no-Oni-Odori  Moonlit Night Demon Dance

This song has the most “Ningen Isu”-like flavor of all the songs in this album.

Oh yes, don’t forget this kind of thing.

It incorporates the rhythm of Neputa’s “rest,” and now they’ve conquered all of Neputa’s rhythms, right?

It is a mysterious song that becomes more and more comfortable the more I listen to it.

The front two’s harmony before the ending solo is the best.

Sokoku-no-Ie  House of Conflicts

A well-known song that is often played.

Is it this kind of rhythm change that is missing in the new “Ijigen-karano-Hoko”?

I guess it was made simply on a dare, which is fine, but old fans may feel it is lacking.

I was thinking about this while listening to the complicated development of this masterpiece.

Akumu-no-Tenjoin  Nightmare attendant

This is another exciting one!

A song with nobu vocals.

It’s not just a hell tour, but it has a positive message, which seems to be the way of “Ningen Isu” these days.

It was too much fun to shout “Night Tour” together.

Ayakashi-no-Tsuzumi  Spiritual Tsuzumi

I can tell that the show was coming to an end.

The song from the first period of the band.

It was fun to hear Suzuki and Wajima’s vocals alternating.

I feel like I’ve written this many times, but the climax of the second half is too wonderful.

Tengoku-ni-musubu-koi  Love Tied to Heaven

This is another droll, fast and furious song from the first period of the band.

It is a great song that is sure to get the crowd going.

It is indispensable to the live performance of “Ningen Isu.”

I have already written about its greatness many times before.

Oh, I personally always thought it was great that the count at the start was only one high-hat shot.

Don’t you think?

Hari-no-Yama  Hell’s Mountain of Needles

Jumping fun!

They always close the main part with this song these days.

Yuki-Onna  Snow Woman

Encore from here.

This kind of song seems to be lacking in this album.

I can’t resist the heavily composed composition.

I got the impression that Wajima’s voice was too raspy and her high notes were not coming out.

But that’s okay, you didn’t have to lower the key and rework it.

Jigoku-no-Heavy-Rider  Heavy Rider in Hell

This was so exciting!

I was headbanging to death.

“Rollin’ Rollin'” is fun, and “Oi!” is also great.

I thought Suzuki’s key wouldn’t appear in the live performance when I heard the album, and as I expected, it didn’t appear at all.

But that’s okay, isn’t it?

After all, the Jigoku series has become an indispensable part of “Ningen Isu”‘s live performances.


The second encore.

Recently, the last song they play is either “Namahage” or “Dottoharai.”

This time it was “Namahage.”

Although “Dottoharai” is more profound, “Namahage” is also suitable for the last song.

Suzuki’s performance just before the guitar solo was amazing.

At the end

So, it was a great show!

I was especially impressed with the bass sound.

I even saw Wajima taking pictures with his old classmates after the show.

It was also fun to have drinks at Asylum, a bar that was featured in “Headbang,” and talk with my own brother, VERTICAL.

“Ningen Isu,” you can still do it!

November 3,2017 Freakz


As of 2023, Mag-Net of Memories is closed and gone.

Seems a little sad that the place where they recorded the “Taihai-Geijutsu-Ten” is no more.

There was no live music club in Hirosaki for a while, but now there is a new live music club called “Keep the Beat.”

I applaud the owner for opening a live music club in this era.

Somehow, the text conveys the feeling that the “Ijigen-karano-Hoko” was not chic.

I don’t know why, but it didn’t feel right at the time.

I think it was a matter of chemistry.

Now I like many of the songs.

February 6,2023 Freakz