Gamma Ray -About the Drummers-



About the drummers of Gamma Ray

Kai Hansen is one of the founders of German Metal.

The band he leads is “Gamma Ray”.

In this issue, I would like to write about the drummers of Gamma Ray.

Uli Kusch

First of all, Uli Kusch played on the second album “Sigh No More”.

He has not stayed with the same band for a long time, but has moved from one heavy metal band to another in Germany.

He has never lost his appetite for music because of his precise rhythm keeping ability and the number and complexity of his moves.

He is also good at creating a sense of speed, and is quite skilled as a German metal drummer.

Thomas Nack

Thomas Nack played on the 3rd album “Insanity and Genius” to the 4th album “Land of the Free”.

I like his drumming.

He is not very precise, nor is he very technical.

At worst, they are not very distinctive, but they fit the music of “Gamma Ray” very well.

I feel that it added dynamism and vividness to the music.

Daniel “Dan” Zimmerman

However, after the 5th album “Somewhere Out in Space”, he was replaced by Daniel “Dan” Zimmerman, who is a little chubby.

I don’t like his drumming.

Sure, each hit has weight, and the rhythms are very precise.

But it’s a one-track mind, and I get tired of listening to it.

I prefer drumming with a little more dynamism.

I have not been able to get into “Gamma Ray”

There are many opinions, and some people seem to prefer Daniel’s drumming.

However, since the 5th album when Daniel joined the band, I have not been able to get into “Gamma Ray” for some reason.

Of course, I know that the change of drummer is not the only reason.

Still, I would like to hear Thomas’ drumming again.

April 7,2010 Freakz


As mentioned above, I couldn’t get into “Gamma Ray” after “Somewhere Out in Space” and stayed away from it for a while, but when I listened to “Empire of the Undead” released in 2014, I thought “Hey, I might like this”.

I don’t know, I can’t really explain it, but there are some works that just go well with me, regardless of how good or bad they are in the general public.

I oddly like “War Eternal” by “Arch Enemy,”

“For All Kings” by “Anthrax,”

and “The Grinding Wheel” by “Overkill”.

On a quiet note, now that “Helloween” is back, I wonder what will happen to “Gamma Ray”?

Maybe a little break?

October 31,2022 Freakz