Ningen Isu -Musicality Changes-



Change in musicality has begun to take place

Musical changes are coming to “Ningen Isu”.

I have always wondered how this band has been able to stay the same, but finally, a change in musicality has begun to take place.

Around the time of “Stranger World”, released in 2001, songs of a different style began to appear.

They were catchy lyrics and songs, or orthodox rock.

Of course, it does not mean that the quality of these songs is low.

There are also songs of the type that have been traditionally made.

However, the number of those types of songs seems to be gradually decreasing.

They have included a few songs that fans want to hear

Perhaps the image that most of the fans of “Ningen Isu” have is that of gloomy or literary lyrics.

Elaborate and complex song development, and prog rock.

“Black Sabbath”-style riffs and Japanese folk-like melodies.

…and so on.

At the same time, I think it is the music that most of the fans “desire”.

And because “Ningen Isu” themselves understand this, even though the musical changes have been noticeable, they have included a few songs that fans want to hear.

Thank you for listening

I remember the MC that Shinji Wajima said at a live performance one time.

It was at the end of the concert when he played a catchy, “Girl in Eden”, which had never been played before.

“Thank you for listening to ‘Girl in Eden’!”

It was a great feeling to see how much he cares about his fans, and it came straight from him.

Hopefully…at least for a few songs, they will continue with their core music as before.

I don’t want to see it go down to zero.

November 10,2009 Freakz


Well, the above article was written in 2009, that’s 13 years ago.

The music of “Ningen Isu” has continued to change since then, but the core of the music has not changed.

If anything, Suzuki is more conservative, while Wajima is searching for something new.

However, I have no complaints at all because every new type of music that Wajima makes is a masterpiece for “Ningen Isu”.

This is what it means to evolve as a band.

The progressive parts have been missing for a while now, but I am sure they will pop up again.

In other words, this band is attractive no matter how they change.

August 31,2022 Freakz