Dave Mustaine -Dominator-



Reference to his solo project


“Megadeth” is now a reference to his solo project.

Intellectually complex, but not mechanical

The riffs that Dave creates are just amazing.

Especially the riffs in the early days when he advocated intellectual thrash metal.

They are intellectually complex, but not mechanical.

It’s filled with so much anger and sorrow, it’s a wonder how he thinks at all.

I love the riffs he creates.

They have the perfect balance of being just a little bit ahead of the listener’s expectations, and I’m sure that’s what makes us so comfortable.

I don’t know anyone else who makes riffs as bizarre as his.

Talented people have the right to live arrogantly

Dave has unparalleled talent as a riff maker, but I often read articles that say he has a less than stellar personality.

I sometimes feel that he is arrogant in interviews.

But I can’t help it.

He had talent.

Talented people have the right to live arrogantly.

In his book, Downtown’s Matsumoto Hitosh (Japanese Comedian) wrote that he wanted to be the kind of person who people would say, “I hate him, but he’s so funny.

He probably meant that even if he is denyed his humanity, if he can make people think he is funny, that is all that matters.

This may be a bit similar to Dave.

My opinion of Dave remains the same

Even if he is a difficult person to deal with and has a bad reputation around him, my opinion of Dave remains the same.

I respect Dave Mustaine.

February 10,2010 Freakz


“Megadeth” is already scheduled to perform in Japan, but will they really appear at the festival?

I would like to see Dave’s face for the first time in a while.

I wonder if Dave is feeling all right?

I looked at his recent live performance videos, and I couldn’t believe that he was not in good shape.

He had cancer once.

I hope he just happened to be in bad shape.

November 15,2022 Freakz