Grip Inc. -Dave’s Next Steps-



His band is “Grip Inc.”

Dave Lombardo, who left “Slayer,” has started a new band called “Grip Inc.” to work at his own pace.

“Grip Inc.” has released four albums so far.

Since Dave has returned to “Slayer,” I thought that his activities in this field would fade away, but it seems that he is doing surprisingly well.

Dave himself has stated publicly that his band is “Grip Inc.”

The first album is outstandingly attractive

The first album, “Power of Inner Strength,” has been derided as “like a drummer’s solo album” because of Dave’s powerful and skillful drumming.

It is often criticized for its lack of cohesiveness as a band.

Since their second album, “Nemesis,” they have been more balanced as a band, but ironically, however, the first album is outstandingly attractive.

We are simply bowled over by the awesomeness of Dave’s drumming.

He’s playing fast, he’s a god

The other parts are very catchy to because they are not so prominent and play simple phrases.

It’s almost as if the band is balanced in this way.

It is also nice to hear many speed numbers that are typical of Dave.

Dave doesn’t like to be considered a speed metal drummer, but when he’s playing fast, he’s a god.

Basically, they are my favorite because they deliver quality thrash metal every time.

Can’t wait for the next album.

April 14,2010 Freakz


I didn’t know this when I was writing this article, but Gus Chambers, the vocalist, left the band in 2006.

He died in 2008 due to drugs and alcohol.

No matter how long I waited, I could not listen to their new album.

Waldemar Sorychta, a guitarist who plays very impressive phrases, has released two albums with the band “Enemy of the Sun” after “Grip Inc.”

I especially like the first album, “Shadows.”

I would like to hear more of those guitar phrases, but it seems that he is concentrating on producing instead of being a player these days.

Comeback please!

November 15,2022 Freakz


Now that I think about it, “Grip Inc.” left us with four great albums.

Even the third album “Solidify,” which has no fast songs, never gets boring thanks to its excellent riffs.

The fourth album, “Incorporated,” is well-composed album.

Dave’s arrangements are probably a major influence.

It is obvious if you compare the “Slayer” album with Dave and the “Slayer” album without Dave.

We have to wait for the new “Testament” album first.

March 1,2023 Freakz