Concert Report “Aldious” June 17,2017 Japan



In the beginnig

I went to the DIFFER-Ariake show of “Aldious”.

I was fortunate to be able to go to the show because it coincided with a business trip to Tokyo.

I took the unmanned Yurikamome train and got off at Ariake-Tennis-no-Mori.

The rest is just a few minutes’ walk away.

The people I saw on the train seemed to be on their way to DIFFER-Ariake, too.

The parking lot in front of the venue was quite crowded.

As for myself, I bought a ticket for the general public, not an advance ticket, so I was pretty late for the call.

But I guess I could make it.

I entered the venue without any problems, and the show was about to start.

Sales of goods were put on the back burner.

I changed my drink ticket for a beer and filled up my tank with gas.

Soon the lights went out and the crowd cheered.


Here it comes, the lead track from the new album(Unlimited Diffusion).

CO2 spray at the beginning!

The gorgeous chorus with major chords, which is rare for “Aldious”, is impressive.

The speed and the fast strumming are perfect.

Headbang to the riff that reminds me a bit of “Helloween”‘s Future World!

A good song that will appeal to non-metal fans.


The songs written by Toki are excellent on this album as well.

Dilemma is especially well done.

Proper metal, memorable chorus, compact development.

Re:NO’s lyrics have also matured and are very impressive.


This is a good one, even though there are fewer Yoshi compositions in this album.

The old “Aldious” style was also felt, and a superbly beautiful melody exploded in the chorus after the modulation.

I think the excitement at the venue was not so great, but this type of song should not be lost.

die for you

Oh, I had expected that it would not be played.

I thought it would be left out of the setlist because of the overlap of pop feeling with “Without you”, but I was wrong.

Yay, yay, yay, it’s always a blast.

Now that “Aldious” has been playing more pop songs, I wonder what direction they will take in the future.


Good quality pop metal written by Yoshi.

As is always the case with Yoshi’s music, it doesn’t really hit me at first, but then it gets better and better.

This song is also of high quality.

However, the laser light effects are really wonderful.

It was gorgeous and suited the band well.

Then came the usual “Lemon Corner” by Re:NO and Toki.

Looking back on the songs “Lemon” had played in the past, they played this song.

I Don’t Like Me

A great ballad that will inevitably collapse your lacrimal gland.

It is filled with the soul of Re:NO.

I have never heard the band version live, so I would love to hear it next time.

The acoustic guitar version is also well done.


This song is like a solo for each part, which we also heard in Aomori.

I would like them to continue this kind of attempt.

It gives the live performance more energy.


I guess this is the second part.

All of us joined our voices together, “Fire!”

In Aomori, this song was the first one.

The set seems to be changing a lot.

Go Away

Toki’s work from the new album.

Heavy guitar riffs are cool.

Toki compositions are the closest to hardcore metal heads.

However, the catchy chorus, which is super ear-catching, is not a simple thing to do here.

Good song.


I had assumed that it would not be played because it is a pop ballad, but I was surprised when it was played.

As it should be, a violinist who participated in the album appeared as a guest.

Perhaps because of this, the music was highly convincing.

Although this is not a metal song, the song completely disappeared cheap from the stage.


Another song with a violinist.

I think this was the climax of the night.

I think that unrefine and cheap touch are the charm of “Aldious”.

I don’t see any of that in “Aldious”, and the stage was very polished.

It would be an exaggeration to say that it was like “Evanescence”.

Anyway, I was impressed by this.

Oh, this is also by Toki.

Sweet Temptation

Toki’s middle songs are very compelling.

This song is one of them.

Although they writes metal songs except for Marina, Toki’s songs have compositional beauty.

It is to Toki’s credit that “Aldious”‘ songs tug at the heartstrings of even the hardcore metal heads.

The riff development in this song is also excellent.

Without You

A fun pop song with handclaps.

But there is a hint of metal charm here and there.

Like the guitar playing in the second verse.

The solo is like “Helloween”.

I love this kind of pop-metal music.


Oh, here’s a hard early song.

I love this kind of Yoshi’s heavy thrash.

I guess there were many fans from the early days of the band, and the excitement was good.

Oh, yes, there was a runway on the stage this time.

It was a nice touch.

Thanks to this, I was able to see the band members’ faces up close.


This one burned too!

This simple, sensational riff is amazing.

It’s like “Helloween” when they released “Keeper of the Seven Keys”.

If you have ever written music, you know that we can’t make this kind of super simple and cool riffs as we get older.

It’s just wonderful.

Sawa’s bass solo is also explosive!


Then, the main event was closed with the usual and  fail-proof song.

As one of my acquaintances said, the riff is a bit similar to that of “Kinniku-Showjo-Tai”‘s “Sakaime-no-Nai-Sekai” (included in “Saigo-no-Seisen”).

It also smells like early “X”.

At any rate, this deadly chorus melody is too wonderful.

Sawa’s call during the bass solo was also enjoyable.

This was the end of the main part.


Encore from here.

This song suits an encore well.

The arrangement includes a solo voice in the introduction.

I wonder if the new album lacks this kind of song with Yoshi’s fast pace.


This was a lot of fun!

The performance was the best of the day’s performances.

At the end of the song, cherry blossom petals shot out into the audience!

It was fun to see a performance that only a large venue can produce.

I took home a few petals as a souvenir.

Ultimate Melodious

Double encore.

The second encore was the first one of this tour.

“Hi! Hi! Hi-hi! Hi!-hi!-hi!-hi!” is too much fun.

There were a few excited customers here and there, probably fans from long ago.

To be honest, this song has some childish aspects, but it’s great because I feel like it’s good in its own way.

This is a song that “Aldious” is proud of.

In the End

So, the concert went by in a flash.

It was a great live performance that conveyed the straightforward feelings of “Aldious”.

I don’t know what direction they will go in the future, but I thank them for giving us a great live performance.

I hope they will continue to do so until they become elderly people.

“Aldious” is the best!

June 20,2017 Freakz


Probably, the time of this concert was the best time in the Re:NO period.

The performance of the members on this day was powerful.

After this, unfortunately, Re:NO became ill.

By the way, DIFFER-Ariake has already been dismantled and no longer exists.

All things are in flux.

March 18,2022 Freakz