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He is basically a lone wolf player

Guitarist of “Gargoyle” – “Animetal” – “Volcano”.

Although he has been playing in all of the above bands, he is basically a lone wolf player.

In terms of drummers, he is like Soul Toru.

In fact, he has the skills to be a lone wolf.

His solid playing ability and sense of creating elegant melodies had already been perfected when he was a member of “Gargoyle”.

He played a key role in “Gargoyle”‘s rise to popularity.

After his departure, the elegant solos disappeared from “Gargoyle”‘s music.

High quality and touch my heart

The melodies he creates are really high quality and touch my heart.

They are melodies that would make Japanese people weep with joy.

There are many guitarists who play melodious solos, but he stands out among them.

“Gargoyle” was a band with various musical elements, and “Animetal” does not have his strong colors.

If you want to immerse yourself in his melodies, I definitely recommend “Volcano”.

He has a huge number of melodies

He had been making melodies and stockpiling them during his rest period, and he has a huge number of melodies.

I think this is a band that deserves more and more recognition.

Currently, in addition to “Volcano”, he is also active in a band called “Vathokija”.

He continues to play when he wants to play because he has a certain originality.

I admire his way of life.

March 18,2010 Freakz



This is an article I wrote in 2010.

At that time, he was certainly not active.

Since then, his main activity has been “Volcano” and he has been consistently active.

“As long as I have money for rent and bourbon, I don’t need any more money.”

The melody of the man who devoted everything to music still deeply touched the souls of many people.

August 5,2022 Freakz