Wajima Shinji -guitar samurai-



Straightforward expression of the man that is Wajima Shinji

“In my childhood, I could hear the rhythm of English rock music from the west.

The end was said to be a doctor, but the devil came and played the guitar.”

Wajima’s self-analysis in “Ningen Isu”‘s song “Thirty Years Old” (included in “Odoru-Issun-Boshi”) is, I think, aptly put, or rather, a straightforward expression of the man that is Wajima Shinji.

His allusion to the works of Yokomizo Seishi is also humorous in a way that is typical of him.

Want to listen to it while sipping a little strong liquor

First of all, Wajima is a good guitarist.

It is not only technical and precise.

It has a taste, if I may use an ambiguous and clichéd expression.

It is the kind of flavor that makes me want to listen to it while sipping a little strong liquor, and it is intoxicating.

When I was a high school student, I remember browsing through an instructional book on guitar at a music store, and at the end of the book, there was a list of leading Japanese guitarists, and I was very happy to find Wajima’s name listed alongside Yokozeki Atsushi and Kitsutaka Fumihiko.

I am a graduate of Hirosaki High School, just like Wajima and Suzuki.

It seems that Wajima had the same guitar skills as when he made his debut as a junior high school student, and he was known as “Hirosaki High School has Wajima.”

Paranoid and meticulously planned song compositions

The beauty of the profound compositions in the music of “Ningen Isu” is largely due to Wajima’s handiwork.

Even when the deadline is near, he still tweaks the composition, saying, “It’s still not enough.”

Such paranoid and meticulously planned song compositions are one of the major attractions of the band.

Wajima’s lyrics are perfect literature

And then there are the lyrics.

Wajima’s lyrics are perfect literature.

Each choice of words is delicate and carefully woven together.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Japanese language to your heart’s content.

Even if “Ningen Isu”‘s albums were to be released overseas and translated lyrics were to appear on them, the charm of Wajima’s lyrics would not be fully conveyed.

Despite his talent, he has such a humble personality

He is a man of many charms, but despite his talent, he has such a humble personality.

The cozy atmosphere at his live performances is probably due to his personality.

I am always impressed when I see him perform at the end of a live show, whether it is carrying his guitar on his head and playing a solo or playing it with his teeth.

I wish I could go to another live concert, but it’s not easy these days.

I heard they are coming to Aomori in October, so I’d love to go.

September 21,2010 Freakz


I wrote this sentence 12 years ago, but it is a masterpiece overflowing with love for Wajima.

When I wrote this sentence, “Ningen Isu” was not yet recognized overseas.

However, it is different now.

Many people overseas are listening to and enjoying their music.

When I wrote that “the charm of his lyrics will not be fully conveyed,” I meant that his lyrics are literature and that it will be difficult to convey the beauty of his lyrics.

I know that the translated lyrics will convey the general meaning.

The indescribable charm of the lyrics of “Thirty Years Old,” quoted at the beginning of this article, however, cannot be conveyed in translation.

I am glad to be born Japanese.

December 23,2022 Freakz