Suzuki Kenichi -Lyrics are good-



Unique flavor and are very good

About 90% of the lyrics for “Ningen Isu” were written from the pen of Wajima Shinji.

The remaining 10% was written by Suzuki Kenichi.

In general, Wajima’s literary lyrics are highly regarded, and I also like his lyrics.

However, Suzuki’s lyrics, which do not receive much attention, have a unique flavor and are very good.

Truly diverse range of lyrics

Suzuki’s lyrics include “Heavy Metal Strikes Back”, “Sumo Song”, “I wonder if I have cancer”, “The Great Prophecy”, “Obese Angel”, and others.

…Nonsense songs are also appreciated by Wajima.

“Hell”, “Hell Scenery”, “Man-Eating Chariot”, etc.

…Suzuki-style splatter.

The brutal words are lined up in a cool way.

“Attic Neputa Festival” and “The Never-Ending Concert” are some of his works.

…Suzuki style horror.

Scenes come to mind, and it is scary as if you have wandered into another world.

“Insects”, “Fear! Barnacled human”, “Pus story”, etc.

…He is the best in Japan at writing lyrics that provoke physiological disgust.

“Bend over in my shit and my ass will be full of maggots.”

“Dynamite”, “Excite”, “Galaxy Express 777”, etc.

…the Pachinko series.

Criticized by fans, the series is currently under wraps.

But I like it.

He writes a truly diverse range of lyrics.

Like a kind of refreshment

This contrasts favorably with Wajima, who writes relatively decent lyrics, and the insertion of these lyrics in several songs on the album is like a kind of refreshment.

With each album, I find myself wondering, “What is Suzuki up to this time?”

This is definitely one of the pleasures of picking up a piece of work by Ningen Isu.

January 20,2010 Freakz


Although Suzuki’s lyrics seem to have been established in the “Hell” series recently, he has written various types of lyrics in the past.

Let me summarize them here.

As of now, there are 43 songs with lyrics written by Suzuki. (Excluding “30 Years Old”, which was co-written by Suzuki.)

Some of them could not be classified well, but I tried to divide them roughly as shown in the figure below.



(1) Hell type

The theme is the atrocities that take place in hell.

The theme is cruelty like splatter.

I think “Underworld Cafe” is a nonsense type, but I put it here.



(2) Horror type

Scary as if you have entered a different world.

The “Bleached Head” is a literary type, and “Neputa no Mondoriko” seems to be a hell type.

“Poem-less Poem” and “Ecstasy of Mantis” are also in the horror type, although I think they are a little different from the above.



(3) Physiological Disgust type

I thought there would be more, but surprisingly there were not so many.

“Fear! Barnacled human”, could be classified as a horror type.



(4) Nonsense type

The theme was comical content.

There were surprisingly few of this type.

Oops, forgot to put “Sumo Song” in the table.



5) Pachinko type

Only 4 songs dealt with pachinko from the front, ladies and gentlemen.



⑥Literature type

This area is quite ambiguous.

I thought that “Oger” might be in Hell type, but I guess it might be this way.



7) Others

Four songs that could not be included anywhere.

I wondered if I should put “Sabbath Thrash Sabbath” in the Pachinko type, but since it is the only one with a pachinko, I put it here.

I think “Huntsman Spider” could be included in literature, but it’s hard.

Is “Launch” a horror story? Hmmm.

I guess “The 40s Way” is Suzuki’s feeling, so this is a rare type.



So, classification may be unimportant, but once I start doing it, I get immersed in it.

I had quite a bit of trouble with it, but please give me a break here.

November 4,2022 Freakz


I was pointed out that the three songs, “Hassha,” “Jasei-no-In,” and “Kokotsu-no-Kamakiri,” are sexy type.

You are absolutely right, it fits very well.

Thank you for your input.

I will add them again and reclassify them when the new album is released.

March 2,2023 Freakz