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Appreciate the music as music

I like “B’z”.

I wrote that clearly, but there is an atmosphere in “B’z” that HR/HM fans are afraid to say so.

Most likely, the reason is that their agency is one that views music in a commercial manner.

However, while the commercial aspect may be a turn-off to some, we must not consider such circumstances and appreciate the music as music.

When you look at it as music, “B’z” is not that bad.

I strongly recommend you to give them a listen

First of all, “B’z” is hard rock.

So, if you have been avoiding them because they are just another pop song that sells well, I strongly recommend you to give them a listen.

The melodies of the songs are so familiar that you will remember them after listening to them once.

If you like “kusamelo”, you will probably like it.

Not so much these days, but the melodies of the mid-period songs are exceptionally familiar.

Koshi Inaba’s vocals are very addictive.

His sultry high notes are pleasant to listen to.

He can also shout, though he doesn’t use it very often, and his English pronunciation is perfect.

I think he is a high level vocalist.

Tak Matsumoto on guitar is also a passable hard rock guitarist.

He plays melodious and fast.

It is a pity that the solos on each song are so short.

The lyrics of the songs are also very good.

Most of the lyrics are about love, but they are from people who are struggling, backed by a wealth of experience.

They are different from those shitty love songs.

Flat viewpoint is necessary for Japanese people

I think “In the Life”,


and “Survive” are well done as an album.

I recommend these three albums with no unnecessary songs at all.

I saw Marty Friedman’s corner in a magazine the other day, and he was critiquing “B’z” as a normal hard rock band.

Such a flat viewpoint is necessary for Japanese people.

February 24,2010 Freakz


I wrote this article in 2010.

It was 2019 when “B’z” became the cover of “Burrn!”.

I should pat myself on the back.

That 2019 “B’z” cover was also controversial.

It’s 2019!

It really shows how many people are unable to update their view of music.

It’s like using Windows 7 now, and these people will eventually grow old and become fossil.

“B’z” is hard rock.

May 19,2022 Freakz