Concert Report “GASTUNK” March 12,2022 Japan


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In the beginning

I went to the GASTUNK Sendai show, and took the plunge and got a ticket because the new album “VINTAGE SPIRIT, THE FACT”, the first in 33 years, was so good.

As a result, it was a good decision to go.

They were passionate!

This band is passionate!

It had been a long time since I had been to a concert where I danced so hard I broke out in a sweat.

Thanks for a great rock show!

Black Forest

The lights went down and the show began.

The three members of the instrumental band sashayed onto the stage.

Ummm, their aura is so strong.

BAKI appeared on stage slowly.

He was dressed in white paint with black eyes and a hat.

They started with the first song from the new album.

It was a heavy and dark song, which raised expectations for the rest of the show.


A song that overflows with love for live performances and for live houses.

BAKI’s singing is even moving.

I was so sweaty from headbanging that I had to roll up my sleeves.

Perfect Tomorrow

This song is pop and easy to listen to in a good way.

BAKI’s rap is to die for!

GASTUNK now has deeper nostalgia than in the past.

It may be natural because they have grown over the years, but I think once again that they are a great band.


One of the coolest songs on the new record, especially the riff.

This one was also very exciting.

I began to think, “They are going to play a lot of songs from the new album. I was so happy!”

The eye contact between the band members shows that the band is in very good shape.

Summer Rain

This song also stands out for its chorus melody.

BAKI’s voice is not the same as when he was younger, but I think his current voice suits this kind of song more calmly.

TATSU comes to the front for each solo and gets the crowd going, which is cool!

In contrast, BABY doesn’t make any big moves, but it’s clear that he is having a good time and enjoying their groove.

Nice vibe.


I wanted to hear it.

I really wanted to hear this song.

I thought there was a chance it might be left off the set list because it is a ballad, so thank you for playing it.

The shiny live concert scene is floating in my mind.

Yes, just like a shimmering flame.

Tne Vanishing Signs

After the six new releases in a row, now they’re going to play an old song.

Gastunk has a strange ease of listening.

I think Gastunk’s originality comes from the fact that there is a kind of darkness in their music.

Moon Child

Wild Times



I don’t know these 4 songs because I am uninformed.

It’s because I don’t have all the albums, but they were still cool.

Are they mid-period songs?

I’ll have to buy the album.

Seventh Heavens Door

Again from the new record.

It’s not the type of song that runs fast, but it makes me sway more and more.

It’s as if Tam’s sound and my heartbeat are linked.

I think this song could be played for about 10 minutes.

I could listen to it all the time.

Bloody War Zone

I couldn’t help but clap at the title call.

Before the coronavirus epidemic, I would have shouted to express my joy, but now I can’t speak out.

I’m a sucker for fast songs, and this one had me headbanging all over the place.

Until I was dizzy.

I can tell I’m slowly getting into the swing of things.

Rock is a safe drug.


The melody of this one is also outstanding, and BAKI’s soulful cry pierces my heart.

If you think GASTUNK sounds scary, please give it a listen.


Here’s another fast song!

TATSU’s guitar echoes wildly.

I want to shout “Freedom!” but I can’t, so I express it with my fists.

I wonder if the band members can feel that I am singing from my heart.

Skull Warrior

I thought “Freedom” would be the end of the main program, but I was wrong.

From this song, the excitement like a typhoon started to build.

It’s the last song on the new album, and I wondered why this was the last song, but it’s a lot of fun when it comes at the end of a live show.

BAKI seemed to be enjoying himself as he raised his arms in the air. Of course, I was enjoying it, too.


Those who had not listened to the new album started to go wild around this point.

We wanted to hear the songs of the past, too.

Since we could not speak, we raised our fists high and shook our bodies.



I’m sorry I don’t have the vocabulary, but all I can say is that fuckin’ amazing!

My neck hurts from too much headbanging.

It still hurts even as I write this.

I was thinking that there is no way to get more excited than this…



I was probably already in a cocktail of various hormones in my head.

The audience was swaying.

I was dancing like I was at the “Nebuta Festival” in my hometown.

It was definitely the highlight of the show.

The main part of the show ended with this.

Dead Song

Encore from here.

When TATSU (with a beautiful tattoo), who was naked, started to play the intro guitar, BAKI and BABY came to the left side of the stage and looked at TATSU curiously.

What was that all about?

Did he start playing a different song than planned?

Mr. Gazime

A famous and popular song.

The intro riff brought cheers…or was it my imagination that I felt like I was cheering…because the customers can’t speak up.

TATSU’s solo on this song was divine.

He had a lot of spirit.


The last song, sorry, I didn’t know it due to lack of study.

It is probably the last song they often play, and it was cool.

Before the song started, BAKI said, “Let’s meet again!” and the song started.

The band hardly ever MC’d, but I guess they don’t need any more words.

The sound conveys everything.

In the end

It has been a long time since I saw a good live performance.

I have been starving for such a live show since it has been so hard to find one nowadays.

I returned to the hotel completely burnt out.

I felt so good that I drank too much alcohol, but it was a good memory.

Thanks to them for coming all the way to the province.

And I’ll be back to see you next time you come back!

I hope to hear “Dragon” next time. (Casually request)

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