Dave Lombardo -Thrash God-



The list goes on and on in praise of him

“One of the best drummers of the decade,” “unpredictable fillin,” “influencing drummers outside of heavy metal”… the list goes on and on in praise of him.

He is the current drummer of “Slayer.”

I like his drumming very much.

It is hard to find a better drummer than him.

Driving the groove of the song

Drums are a part of keeping rhythm, but it is not enough to be precise.

If you want to be precise, then a rhythm machine is the best.

A good drummer keeps the rhythm, sometimes running, sometimes lagging a little behind, and driving the groove of the song.

Much greater rush than that of other drummers

Dave’s drumming on “Slayer” is most noticeable during the fast part of the song.

Perhaps he intentionally shifts the timing a little.

Even at the same tempo, Dave’s drumming has a much greater rush than that of other drummers.

The drums give a sense of urgency, of “I have to hurry.”

This is a very good influence for thrash metal.

This is because rush is an important factor for thrash metal.

Impressive and unpredictable fillin

Also, the amount and variety of fillin are unparalleled.

There are many drummers who just play a lot of drums, but there is no other drummer who can play such impressive and unpredictable fillin.

Each song feels like it was crafted with the drum parts carefully worked out.

Rush, unpredictable fillin.

In these two respects, Dave Lombardo has earned his reputation.

No one can win against age

However, he is getting older these days, and his drumming is not as powerful as it used to be.

Of course, rush and the characteristic fillin are still there, but there are often parts where the arrangements are too light for his physical strength to keep up with.

The yokozuna on the verge of retirement is losing his physical strength, but he manages to hold on to his wins with his technique alone.

This is the impression I get.

It is inevitable, but it is a little sad, because no one can win against age.

January 14,2010 Freakz


The last time he left “Slayer” was in 2013, and he has been active in the band for a little while after that, but as of 2022, he is still a full member of “Testament”.

I will buy the new album for Dave when it comes out.

November,29 2022 Freakz