Metalcore -If you can make it unique, do it-



Like a chemical seasoning

Metalcore, which is very popular these days, is like a chemical seasoning.

Chemical seasonings, which are often used in frozen foods, instant foods, and prepared foods at supermarkets, add a lot of umami, which makes a strong impact when I eat them.

It is a simple “delicious” taste.

However, compared to umami made from real ingredients, it lacks flavor and depth.

Therefore, I get tired of it halfway through eating it.

The same goes for poorly made ramen.

There are many bands that only have a thin musicality

And then there is metalcore.

The sound quality is clear and powerful.

The moment I hear it, I feel the impact and think “cool” without hesitation.

Unfortunately, however, there are many bands that only have a thin musicality, as if they are just stroking the top layer of heavy metal music.

In the end, I get bored halfway through the album.

Without ingenuity, the unique flavor of the umami will never come through.

If this trend continues, metalcore will end up being just another fad.

(But I guess it will be popular among light metal heads.)

March 3,2012 Freakz


I feel like I’m writing about metalcore in a negative way, but I still think that excellent bands are excellent.

There are many bands that have fallen into the swamp of a mere shell, but the bands that have ability are still shining.

It is no exaggeration to say that “In Flames” is an originator.

The gradual change from their early melodic death metal style is the prototype of metalcore.

Their spirit of exploration knows no bounds.

They are always looking to the future and trying to move forward.

Metalcore is characterized by a flow that starts with a growl and ends with a clean voice in the chorus, which is why it is said to be difficult to express one’s individuality.

It was also “In Flames” that was the first to attempt a breakaway.

The band shifted to singing melodies with growls.

It was a different band from the rest of the bands.

They will be coming to Japan in July under the name “Halo Effect” with the original members.

I can’t wait to see what kind of performance they will give.

Other bands include, for example, “Trivium”.

Many fans may prefer the early days, but I find the more matured Trivium more appealing.

The development and melody of the song, which is not a simple one, still thrills me when I listen to it.

Then there is “Bullet for My Vallentine”.

I feel that the catchy nature of their early days is what makes them so appealing in a way that they are not today.

The simple but well-crafted composition is a must-listen for all metalheads.

June 8,2022 Freakz