Concert Report “Aldious” April 28,2018 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the concert, Aomori for Aldious’ “We are” tour!

I arrived at the venue wearing an Aldious T-shirt.

I was thinking that I had about 30 minutes to go before the doors open when I found an advance sale!

I was just thinking that I would like a cute cartoon-like T-shirt, but the gray M was out of stock.

I decided to take up the challenge and bought a mint green S.

I feel like this pattern is better to wear small.

So I arrived at the venue without incident.

I left my luggage in the locker and drank beer as usual.

Soon after, the concert started.

We Are

The first song from the new album is an ode to the new album.

It is a fast-paced metal like German-made.

As I expected, they have an attractive aura.

Re:NO’s singing was as good as the soundtrack, although she had changed to an affectionate style.

The chorus is “We Are” and then the audience shouts “Aldious!


The second song in order from the new album.

It is the fastest number in this album.

The guitar strumming are fast and furious!

I can’t get the intro to this song out of my head as I listen to it.


I knew they would play it during the cherry blossom festival season.

I didn’t expect it to come so early in the concert, though.

It’s a really catchy and uplifting song.

I guess the members went home after enjoying the cherry blossom festival the next day.


This is my favorite song composed by Toki.

The melody of the chorus has a great impact.

My acquaintance also said this song is good, and I think it stayed in the regular set list.


Kanashii-Otoko, reads.

It is quite a pop song, with Re:NO singing in a low key, and at first I thought it was a very plain song, but it became addictive as I listened to it.

The number of pop songs is gradually increasing, and it’s not bad.


Is it a song from an album I don’t own?

I felt it was a good song though.


An instrumental song.

A song that is probably only for live performance and is full of showcases for the members.

There was a song positioned like this in the last tour, but it seems to have been newly written, which is a good impression.

It was very well done.

This kind of performance to entertain the audience is always welcome.


Another song I don’t know.

It is a mid-tempo catchy song with a chord progression just like Tetsuya Komuro.

It left a great impression on me.

I really need to get all the albums I don’t have.


It was this early song that started with the sound effect of waves.

This was unexpected.

The original was sung by Rami, the former vocalist.

It is true that the key of the song is not so high for Rami, so it fits well in Re:NO.

However, the last part of the song has a very high tone, so I wondered if Re:NO would really hit the high notes. I was nervous, but don’t worry, she got the high tones out of my system!

Re:NO, that’s cool!

die for you

A popular pop song.

Re:NO sings this song with such liveliness.

I hope that the hardcore metal heads will get excited about this song as well.

Yay, yay, yay!


Oh, they’re already putting it out there in this position!

Probably their best work.

The headbang at the beginning always brings tears to my eyes.

Toki’s foghorn explodes in the solo.

This song is the high key for Re:NO, so she often let the audience sing along.

Go Away

This is another hard but pop song that I like.

I guess it is a representative song of Aldious, which has become easier to listen to recently.

It was written by Toki, who is not a vocalist, and she thought it would be more metal-like if it had a lot of lyrics, but Re:NO said, “Where do I catch my breath? She said.


This song is so exciting.

The sense of unity in the chorus is unbelievable.

It’s a great catharsis to listen to it while jumping around.

I had the impression that this song was not so impressive on the album (included in “Radiant A”), but it is a great song for live performance.


One of Toki’s songs from the new album.

This is a new basic song that boldly incorporates keyboards.

The tempo of this song is the fastest in the new album, though the physical speed is not so fast.

The metallic single-note riff is irresistible (at the verse).

Toki’s sense of metal pop seems to be getting sharper and sharper.


The last part of the main program.

My super favorite song.

The main riff is like”Helloween”!

Simple is best.

The chorus that everyone can sing together is also good.

As long as there are metal songs like this, fans will never leave.

I don’t want it to be zero.

Sawa’s bass solo is great!


The first encore song.

Bright and positive power metal song.

The pop melody with a killing power is irresistible.

Well written song.

This song symbolizes the high level of perfection of the previous album “Unlimited Diffusion” and the audience was very excited.

Red Strings

With this song, we say goodbye.

I’m glad to hear this song because it’s a fitting subject for the end of the live show and I’ve wanted to hear it once.

It’s a pop song, but it’s very well done, and the quality of Re:NO’s voice makes it memorable.

It was a great end to a great live show that left a pleasant aftertaste.

In the end

So, although their new album seems to be more pop-oriented, I can still enjoy their live performance.

No other metal band can make us as happy as they can.

It’s great that they stop by Aomori every time they tour.

They are a real live band that comes a small concert venue.

Come to Aomori again!

2018.5.8 Freakz


There is a cherry blossom viewing spot called “Hirosaki Park”, and it seems that all the members went to the annual “Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival” held there.

I believe it was posted on Twitter.

March 18,2022 Freakz