Concert Report “Aldious” June 09,2016 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the Aomori concert of “Aldious”.

I believed that one day they would come to Aomori area.

Aomori has a small population, so it’s hard to expect to attract many visitors, but please come again!

Well, my departure was delayed, and by the time I arrived, the doors had already opened.

I was attracted by the merchandising, but it would be fine after the show.

Instead, I exchanged my drink ticket for a beer and listened to the SE.

It seems that a rock classics is playing.

“Judas Priest”, “Scorpions”, “Queensryche”, “Testament”, “Amaranthe”…

Soon the lights went down and the show began!

…but as expected, I don’t remember the set list.

I’ve been a fan for only a short time, so there were a few songs I didn’t know here and there.

I’ll just report the songs I knew, in roughly the order in which I knew them.

The End

The first song is from the new album (Radiant A).

The fine riffs are pleasant.

This song shows the high quality of the new album.

It is a relatively fast song composed by Yoshi, and it reminded me that the charm of “Aldious” is this kind of song.


Another Yoshi-composed speed number.

It is not a standout song on the new album, which has many great songs, but it is strangely exciting at live performances.

The elaborate structure of the song and the amazing technique are not the priority.

Look at the excitement of this song and the sense of unity in a live performance.


From one previous album (Dazed and Delight).

I really wanted to hear this song because I like the calm atmosphere of this album.

The simpler I listen to the riff, the more the flavor comes out.

“Aldious” is not only about fast songs, and broad-minded.


A fast running song composed by Sawa.

My neck hurts from shaking my head so much.

The unique Japanese melody is irresistible.

This is well done.

The ending is even moving.

After that, they performed one acoustic song.

I had seen on Twitter, so I knew they would perform.

Well, Toki is a good talker.


This song is a sure thing, excitement song.

Fire! It feels good to shout like this.

All at once my tension was pulled up.

My neck hurts.


“Killer tune”, that’s the word for this kind of tune.

The tension was maxed out at the intro.

Probably the most exciting point of today’s show.

I was so excited that I was one step away from running into the front of the stage.

The beautiful melody of the song was a tear-jerker.

Believe Myself

This is another nice piece of work.

Maybe a little less good than “Dominator”, but it’s perfect in terms of workmanship.

I love the solo.

This song shows the growth of the band.

Die For You

It’s a pop song, but it keeps the live show from becoming monotonous.

I don’t like it when they play this kind of song all the time, but I welcome it when they play it this often.

“Yay, yay, yay!”

I can’t help but say.

Altimate Merodious

A song from the first album.

It is one of the first songs from the first album, and honestly speaking, it is a very poor song.

However, it is a hot, hot song filled with the initial impulse of metal music.

Those who criticize this song only on the surface are wrong.


Performed in a new arrangement.

This song looks good around the end of a live performance.

I love the melody.

The members all head-banged to the beat.

“Aldious” is going this far.

As long as they keep that belief, I don’t think the fans will leave.


I thought “Red Strings” might be a good choice, as if they were coming back to Aomori again, but this is another song with a perfect atmosphere for the last song.

The band members were smiling as they played, and the atmosphere of the concert was very good.

I could tell that the band was in good shape.

In the end

Yeah, it was a great time.

I heard they are going to play in Akita, but I don’t think I will be able to go there due to my schedule.

But I want to see them again.

I wonder if they will come to Aomori again.

June 20,2016 Freakz


“Aldious” really looks like they enjoy performing live.

That’s why they make me happy when I watch them.

You know I wrote “Aomori again,” but “Aldious” is really great that they are still traveling around the country frequently.

They love their fans.

March 12,2022 Freakz