ConcertReport LOUD PARK15 Day1 October 10,2015 Japan



In the beginning

LOUD PARK 15, I went.

It was so much fun!

I had so much fun that even now that it’s over, I find myself ruminating about LOUD PARK.

This festival is so much fun that I find myself ruminating over and over again!

Okay, let’s write a report.


Let’s start with Day 1.

I overslept a bit, so when I entered the venue, “Fruitpochette” was already playing.

Oh well, it couldn’t be helped.

In the meantime, I had a beer and breakfast to get my strength up.

I moved on to the ULTIMATE STSAGE.

First up was “United.”


They are one of the leading figures in the Japanese metal world.

I don’t have many of their albums, but the stage was steady and powerful.

There was a riff of “Seek and Destroy” by “Metallica” that appeared for a moment in the middle of the song.

I wondered if this was done with an eye to the fact that “Metal Allegiance” was going to play it later.

I wanted to see “Galneryus” from the beginning and in the front, so I started moving in the middle of the show.

But then “Revenger” by “United” started!

This is my favorite song, I’ll listen to it before moving on.


I moved to the KINGDOM STAGE and went to the front while drinking beer.

It seems that I can watch the show while drinking on this stage.

Soon after, “Galneryus” appeared.

They started with the famous song “Destiny.”

The sound quality was super clear.

Ono Masatoshi’s vocals were as stable as ever.

I have never seen his voice in bad shape.

Although the set was short, I was very satisfied with the new songs.

The MC was also funny.

I especially liked his comment, “I’ll be in at 7:15 today!”

I’d like to hear “Rebel Flag,” which I’ve never heard live.

I remember they played “Braving Flag.”


Next was “Outrage” from the ULTIMATE STAGE.

It had already started when I arrived.

I was anxious to see the next band “Gojira,” so I watched it while drinking outside the fence on the BIG ROCK STAGE side.


I watched “Gojira” while drinking outside the fence.

Wow, this band is so good.

Especially the drums.

I think they were the best of all the bands performing today.

I only knew “L’enfant Sauvage” since I had only prepared for the new album.

But I enjoyed the show well enough.

The audience reaction was great and the band members seemed happy.

I could see how happy they were, and I could even see their MC using the translation app on their phone.

I guess they just remembered the words “Arigato”

They were saying things like “Arigato so match” and “Arigato so fuckin’ match,” which made me kind of happy too.

I wanted to hear “Liquid Fire,” but they didn’t play it.

Metal Allegiance

I also watched “Metal Allegiance” on the spot.

Chuck Billy’s performance was very powerful, but there was a part where he was unclearly singing while looking at the lyrics at his feet, which was a minus point.

In comparison, Mark Osegueda’s performance was excellent.

The band played songs that everyone knew, such as “Run to the Hills” from “Iron Maiden”

and “Seek and Destroy” from “Metallica,”

and the crowd went wild.

It is interesting to see a special unit like this.

I hope they continue to do so.

I wonder why Alissa stopped playing?

All That Remains

After that, I watched half of “All That Remains” and half of “Anthem.”

Neither of them is really my cup of tea.

“All That Remains” was quite Death Metal-like, and I wonder if it was like this in the early days.

Backyard Babies

I had lunch during “Backyard Babies,” which followed.

I guess many people had lunch during the following “Backyard Babies”.

I also went to the merchandise store and got a T-shirt of “Carcass.”

It’s the shirt from the 2nd jacket, and it’s fucking cool.


Then again, I got half of “Testament” and half of “Hammerfall.”

I was not a big fan of either band’s new album because I didn’t like it.


“Anthrax” was in the back arena.

There were many well-known songs, and above all, it was a great performance by the Big 4.

Joey Belladonna came down to the audience and performed.

“Caught in a Mosh” was a real firecracker.

Children of Bodom

“Children of Bodom” from outside the fence.

I watched “Lake Bodom” and moved to the KINGDOM STAGE.

I wanted to see “Gamma Ray” in front of the stage, and I had seen Children of Bodom before.

The reception of the new song was not so good.

Gamma Ray

I moved on to see “Gamma Ray” for the first time.

I was pleased to hear “I Want Out”

and “Land of the Free,” which I love.

However, Kai Hansen’s voice was gone….

Was it by chance that his voice was not in good condition, or is it because of his age?

The quality was so bad that I wondered if it would be better to find a new vocalist for the new appointment.

I was really expecting to hear “Ride the Sky” or something like that, but I guess it was impossible in that condition.

Arch Enemy

When I moved on, “Arch Enemy” was playing.

Oh, Johan Liiva is there!

I didn’t see it, but it seems that “Bury Me an Angel” was also played.

I had seen “Arch Enemy” before, so I saw “Gamma Ray” this time, but I would have liked to see that one.

I like Johan’s vocals better than Angela Gossow’s, and I like Alissa’s vocals better than Johan’s!


So…so I’m ready for “Slayer”.

Yes, I will write about “Slayer” in another article.

At the end

So, the first day is over.

The bands was so impressive that I didn’t have time to rest, and I couldn’t keep up my strength.

I am too old for this.

However, I applaud the creativeman who booked a bands who didn’t even have time to rest.

Tired to the bone, I spent the evening drinking (in other words, I’ve been drinking since the morning).

Looking forward to the second day!

October 13,2015 Freakz


I wonder if they had a 3-stage system this year, too.

If LOUD PARK returns to Saitama Super Arena again, I wonder if the 3-stage system will be revived.

I know there are many people who prefer the 2-stage system because there are some artists who can’t be seen, but I still prefer the 3-stage system because I can make my own schedule.

I feel that a different LOUD PARK will be created for each person who goes.

December 21,2022 Freakz