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In the beginning

Yes, “Slayer” in another article.

Anyway, there were many people at this year’s LOUD PARK.

It was not uncommon to see the front area restricted (although it was broken through…).

After waiting patiently in a long line, I managed to get into the front area.

The crowd was overwhelming.

I wonder if we will be crushed when the show starts.


As expected, the band started with the title track from their new album “Repentless.”

The arena became like a battlefield as the audience was caught up in the circle pit that suddenly developed.

This is the most memorable song from the new album.

It is a punkish and cool riff that Kerry said he wrote the song like Jeff would write it.

Too bad it would have felt faster if Dave had beat drum.


After a wild ride in the circle pit and a head-banging, I was already exhausted.

So when the intro to this song started, I was a little relieved.

At least I could rest for the first half of the song.

Paul’s drumming still felt slow during the fast second half.

Come back again, Mr. Lombard.

Hate Worldwide

This is the only song in the repertoire among the recent releases.

I think it’s actually a cool riff song.

It’s really sensational.

The drums are still (omitted hereafter).


Yeah, I don’t feel any discomfort with this song.

In fact, Paul sounds better on this song.

Yes, I wanted to hear “Dittohead,” “Mind Control,” “Bitter Peace,” and many other songs since Paul played them, but he didn’t play them, unfortunately.

Anyway, “Desciple” was a bit mid-tempo (for Slayer), but the cool riffs and the excellent development kept me going.


Tom encouraged the audience with “Are You Ready!”

He seemed to be enjoying the gradually improving response from the audience, and he was smiling as he shouted louder and louder.

Tom looks happy.

War Ensemble

And so to this song.

The title call was so great that the audience screamed.

As usual, “Slayer” doesn’t leave much of a visual memory.

I was either screaming or head-banging.

But it made me realize that I am getting older and more tired.

My head-banging doesn’t last long.

When The Stillness Comes

A mid-tempo, moody type of song that “Slayer” traditionally makes.

It’s from the new album.

I haven’t listened to it enough to understand its charm yet, but I was glad to be able to take a break from the head-banging.

I think I’m going to get rid of my neck.


The next song is also from the new album.

They seem to play it live often, either because it is popular or because they themselves like it.

I was not so impressed when I heard the album, but it was cool to hear it at the venue.

Mandatory Suicide

A middle tempo song that is often played.

Time to rest my neck.

Cool riffs and powerful narration in the latter half.

A great song.

It’s also a rest time for the audience who want to get rowdy.

Good balance of the setlist.

Chemical Warfare

This is not “Chiyonofuji,” but I’m at the limit of my physical strength.

The fast tempo riffs are lavishly used.

I can take off my head.

“Slayer” of this period uses a lot of riffs in one song.

At Dawn They Sleep

This is one of my favorite middle tempo songs.

I love the relentless riff development.

I also like that it gets faster in the second half.

I think I heard it for the first time at a live performance.

Hallowed Point

I think this is a rare song today.

Maybe they are playing it recently.

I love this song, so I was happy to hear it.

I’d love to hear it with Dave.

Seasons in the Abyss

A great song that is sure to be played.

I sang along with the chorus.

I remember that when I was in high school, I lent the album “Seasons in the Abyss” to a friend who didn’t particularly like metal music, and he said that only the last song was good.

Hell Awaits

I’ve heard this song many times at live shows.

The riff structure of this intro rallying up, it’s amazing.

And I think I’m going to break my neck.


Tom is always on the stage to stir up the crowd.

Tom shouts “Dead!” and the audience responds.

Dead Skin Mask

There are many songs from the album “Seasons in the Abyss” this time.

The riff at the beginning of this song is so desolate.

A great song.

The head takes a break.

Rainning Blood

If you hear the thumping toms, this is the song for you.

Like all the songs on “Reign in Blood,” the riffs are exquisitely developed and the excitement is at its maximum.

I just want to listen to it all the time.

Black Magic

Slayer’s specialty is to link songs together.

This is something they have been doing for a long time, but since it was included as a bonus track on the new album, I thought they would play it.

It’s a simple riff from the early days of the band, but it’s also cool.

South of Heaven

I wondered if they were not going to play it this time, but they did.

The audience cheered at the introduction.

The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate the riff.

After the extremely fast “Reign in Blood,” it was the first song on the next album and the title track.

I wonder what the fans thought when they heard this song back then.

Come to think of it, no great mid-tempo songs have been created recently.

Angel of Death

The back drop curtain drops and the Hanneman logo appears.

It was designed to look like a copycat of the Heineken logo.

It says “Still Reigning” and it brings tears to my eyes.

The spirit of Hanneman is still alive in the live performance of “Slayer.”

A moving end.

At the End

And with that, “Slayer” was over.

Tom has grown older and be settled down, and his smiling MC is now a standard part of his routine.

But it was endearing, or perhaps it was his dignity that the younger generation could not bring out.

In the end, we just love “Slayer.”

I hope they continue their activities as long as they live.

Until I die (or even if I die?), I will go to “Slayer’s” live shows!

October 14,2015 Freakz


This has already happened 7 years ago.

I’m getting sentimental because the descriptions are so far removed from the current live show situation.

Of course, one of the reasons is that “Slayer” is no longer active.

In an article the other day, Dave Mustaine mentioned that the “BIG 4” should play live again.

Although the probability of this happening is quite low, if the BIG 4 came to Japan, I would go there even if I die.

But Masa Ito also said that it would be impossible to bring Metallica to Japan.

I wonder if Masa can do something about it.

December 30,2022 Freakz