ConcertReport NingenIsu February 8,2015 Japan



In the beginning

I have been a fan of “Ningen Isu” for a long time, but I have never actually joined their fan club.

However, the annual fan club-only event sounded like a lot of fun.

So I joined the fan club just before the deadline and got the ticket without a hitch.

GARDEN is still new, or is it?

When I entered the venue, I was surprised to see Suzuki DJing at a booth near the entrance!

In civilian clothes, before makeup.

I wondered if the Hard Rock Café Nazareth was like this, and listened while drinking my beer.

Soon the DJ was replaced by Wajima.

Maybe Nobu will come out too.

Wajima selected songs that “Ningen Isu” had provided to other artists.

Uesaka Sumire’s “Meikai Tsushin” was just like “Ningen Isu”.


Next was Nobu, as expected.

The DJs were listed in the order of how long it takes them to prepare.

Nobu brought several hundred CDs.

He changed songs as he talked and talked.

“Youngman” was the last!

It was YMCA for everyone in the venue.

Nobu walked by me as he was leaving, and I shook his hand.

The lights went down and the main show finally started.

Sarashi-kubi  Bleached Head

I had wanted to hear this song for a long time, and I was very happy to hear it.

The arrangement without acoustic guitar was fresh and fun.

21seiki-no-Hoochie-Coo  Hoochie-Coo of the 21st century

I haven’t heard this song for a long time.

Since the first tour of the Hoochie-Coo’s recordings.

It’s a bright rock number with an excellent theme riff.



Suzuki’s familiar greeting, “It’s a bad day for you today…”.

Wajima opened with the gag, “Sensei, sensei, that’s a sensei-“.

He was called out by Suzuki.

Haru-no-Nioi-wa-Nehan-no-Kaori  The smell of spring is the smell of nirvana

This is another favorite song of mine.

The rhythm, “Zundakadaka zundakadaka,” is cool!


Yeah, this is the first time I’ve heard this song.

It has a “Ningen Isu”-esque sludgy atmosphere and the melody of the chorus is wonderful.



Suzuki said the lyrics are hard to remember, the key is high, and he can see why “Mothra” is no longer played.

Wajima said the lyrics in the middle part of the song sounded like the diary of an elementary school student.

At this point, “Ningen Isu” goes off stage and Nobu prepared for his solo.

Meanwhile, Suzuki and Wajima DJ’d again.

What a fan service!

The topic was that Nobu’s vocals sounded like Graham Bonnet.

It is true that the high notes are similar.

“Alcatrazz” featured Yngwie’s high-speed solo, which Wajima said he couldn’t play.

Rock’n Roll Tokkyu  Rock and Roll Express

Nobu corner.

Piano, saxophone, and vocals.

Yes, such a jazzy arrangement is not bad.

It’s cool.

Aka to Kuro  Red and Black

Nobu Corner.

A ballad arrangement of an intense song.

Not bad again.

I can’t help but listen to the lyrics.

Aki-no-Yonaga-no-Mystery  Mystery of a Long Autumn Night

Nobu Corner.

The audience sang “Chitty-chitty-chitty-chitty…” and Nobu got into the groove.

He ended with an impersonation of Graham Bonnet.

At this point, Nobu left the stage and Wajima DJed again.

Gimme Shelter

Paint it Black

Brown Sugar

Suzuki’s well-known “Yu Mates” was a cover of “Rolling Stones”.

Suzuki’s English vocals are savage and cool!

The original song oozed goodness, too.


Nobu DJ again while Wajima was preparing.

Nobu was exited.

Dangen-wa-Dadaist  The Affirmation is Dadaist

Wajima corner.

Poetry reading, which I also heard in the singing with a guitar.

Today, he improvised with a guitarist and a drummer.

The poems were powerful, and the improvisation was also amazing.

Shinbun-ni-Noranakatta-Tosyo  The letter that didn’t make it to the newspaper

Wajima gave a poetry reading of a letter that for some reason did not make it into the newspaper.

Again, the atmosphere was strange.

It was really eerie.

Wajima’s narration is very powerful.

Mugen-no-Junin  Infinite Dweller

From this point on, it was back to “Ningen Isu”.

I really wanted to hear this song.

The chord progression was very pop for “Ningen Isu,” and Suzuki sang a folk song.

There is much to listen to.

Saru-no-Sendan  Monkey Boats

After the banter, the band played a song that has been a long time coming.

The song with Nobu’s vocals was very fast and furious and exciting!

Jinsei-Banzai  Hail to Life

A song with a simple structure, but one that gets the crowd going.

The thema riffs of fast strumming are pleasant to listen to.


During the encore, the usual raffle was held.

Suzuki is a snowman stamp of his own making.

Nobu is a signed cymbal.

Wajima is a broken vacuum tube in his amp.

The “Ningen Isu” prize was an autographed T-shirt.

Too bad I didn’t win any of them.

Ahenkutsu-no-Otoko  The Man in the Opium Cave

I think this is the first time I’ve heard this song.

The way they forcefully connect different rhythmic patterns is cool.

It’s a typical “Ningen Isu” song.

Himan-Tenshi  Obese Angel

“Fat sings,” Suzuki calls out the title.

It is a very pop number.

The sudden tempo change is also cool.


Only the last song is not a rare one, Namahage.

It is also good to end with a classic.

A great song.

At the end

I enjoyed the show very much because it had a different charm from the usual live performance.

I really wish they would perform once a year.

I will go again next year!

February 11,2015 Freakz


There is no GARDEN live music club in Shimokitazawa now, because it withdrew in 2020.

I went there only once.

I said I will go again next year but I have not been able to go there since then.

I have a weakness of living in Aomori.

I remember it was a comfortable show with many rare songs and the three members were relaxed.

The most memorable song was Nobu’s “Aki-no-Yonaga-no-Mystery”.

I was impressed by his ability to get the audience on board.

So, how is the new album coming along?

June 19,2023 Freakz