I knew early on that it would be the lead track on the album

———-This one’s got a nice groove to it.

Right? This is the only song on the album that’s special to me.

It’s the only song where I outsourced the lyrics.

Like I said in the album description, the other 9 songs are lyrics first, songs second.

But for “No-Face”, the song comes first.

In that sense, it’s different from the other songs, isn’t it?

It’s very upbeat and the melody is easy to remember.

I knew early on that it would be the lead track on the album.

———-The melody in the chorus really stands out.

I think it’s pretty good myself.

During that stupid time, I tried to construct a melody in my head

In my day job, I have a job where I just sit around all day in silence.

It’s a ridiculous thing to do, but it’s the only way I can make a living right now.

———-I hope the song sells soon.

I sincerely hope so.

Then, during that stupid time, I tried to construct a melody in my head.

As I played it over and over in my head, I began to realize that I could use it.

I looped the melody in my head all day that day, so I had it completely memorized.

———-It’s amazing how it all works in your head!

I thought that rhythm might be a good match

Now, I had a lot of trouble deciding how to compose the melody.

I started out with a straight up fast metal song, but…

———-It didn’t work out?

Yes, it became less and less appealing.

Eventually I had to abandon the idea and start from scratch.

———-How did you change direction?

You know the band “Queen Bee”?

They often use a danceable four-piece rhythm.

I thought that rhythm might be a good match, so I gave it a try and it just clicked.

From there, it went pretty smoothly, I guess.

———-The song “No-Face” seems to be quite short, doesn’t it?

Yes, as you may have noticed, there is no guitar solo in “No-Face”.

I didn’t want to make it unnecessarily long because it’s so easy to remember.

As I cut down the branches and leaves, I decided on an arrangement where the interlude is not a solo but a riff.

It’s short, but I think it’s full of tension that rises and rises.

You could call it the creation of meaninglessness

———-What about the lyrics?

The lyrics were written by VERTICAL.

I always ask them to write lyrics for several songs on the album.

This time it’s just one song.

His lyrics are unique in that he don’t make sense in the flow of the words.

I guess you could call it the creation of meaninglessness.

That’s the best kind of rock, isn’t it ?

You know the lyrics to the song “Dai-Shippai ’85” (on GAN) by “Uchoten”, “Instead of destroying meaning, let’s create meaninglessness.”

I’m sure that’s what VERTICAL is doing.

Well, I’m not him, so you might say, “That’s totally different” .



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