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It’s more interesting than singing “la-la-la-la”

———-What kind of song is this?

Well, it is the last song on the A-side of the album, and it is metal with a samba flavor, with cowbells and congas.

In the booklet of the album, YOSHIFUMI described it as “heavy tank,” which is exactly what it is, and the guitar on this song is down-tuned.

So it might sound heavier than the other songs.

———-You put another strange humming at the beginning of the song.

You know, “kai kai kai” and “nyah nyah nyah”.

Just like the “amoo” in “It’s Okay Like This”, there is no meaning to this one either.

I’m just using the words I tentatively added when I came up with the melody.

But it’s more interesting than singing “la-la-la-la”.

———-Well, it gives a strange atmosphere.

I wasn’t sure if the song would come together well, since it contains a number of melodies that have a strong impact.

I am grateful to Cotone Amano who shouted “Hourei!”

That chorus really brought the song together.

Many people might think it’s boring

The composition is also complex and experimental.

It has a quiet part, just like a prog rock song.

Many people might think it’s boring, but I wanted to include a part like this where you can deeply immerse yourself.

Like “Ningen Shikkaku” by Ningen-Isu.

I also wanted to give it a floating feel, like Fishmans.

———-The ending is also rather un-metal-like.

Yes, the bass is buzzing and the guitar is strumming, and the ending gradually rises toward the end of the A-side.

I think it worked.

We just have to express ourself the way we can now

———-What about the lyrics?

You see the word “deteriorate” a lot on the Internet these days.

People use this word for people.

For example, it is used when a beautiful actress gets old, and it makes me feel very bad.

It’s sad that people who say “deterioration” to others don’t realize that it’s the road they are going down.

———-So the subject is a person’s appearance?

Yes, it is.

It has something to do with lookism, but in the end, nature is best for human beings.

Jon Bon Jovi is a great example of someone who has aged well, don’t you think?

I think James Hetfield is looking his best right now.

On the other hand, there are people like Vince Neil who have changed a lot from their younger days, but it’s fine, just leave it as it is.

In his case, I worry about his health, though.

———-It is true that the value that being young is a good thing may be outdated.

That’s right.

Don’t you think the evidence of this is that more musicians are on stage for longer than a decade ago?

Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford are still active.

It’s none of your business if they have declined compared to when they were young.

We just have to express ourself the way we can now.

———-But I hear that you take a lot of care with your beauty products, like lotion and emulsion…

Well… Well, yes.

You see, the human mind is ambivalent.

Well, you know, I mean, don’t worry about it.


June 6,2022 Freakz


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