Concert Report “Aldious” February 6,2016 Japan



In the beginning

I went to see Aldious live as they were coming to Iwate, my neighbor.

I had not been to “the five morioka” since I saw “SEX Kanmuri” before.

I checked into a nearby hotel at about 3 pm.

I was supposed to spend some time shopping, but it was nap time.

I started to move around in time for the doors to open.

According to Twitter, the venue was packed.

It’s not a big venue, but it seems like a lot of people are coming.

First of all, I left my coat and bought a T-shirt, drank a beer with my ticket, and now I’m ready to go.

More than 95% of the guests are men.

I got the impression that many of them were older.

The lights went down and the customers moved all the way to the front.

There was quite a gap in the back.

It seems that they have not reached the end of the ticket line.

All five of them were beautiful.

I guess this is what I mean when I say a band is gorgeous.

They are not a band of fuckin’ techs, but they have enough skill to play metal music.

Well, I don’t remember the order of the songs.

I’m sorry, but here is the review in no particular order.

I was happy to see them play all the new songs (except for the cover song), because many of them are powerful and intense.


This is the first one.

It’s so exciting!

Especially “Fire!” It’s fun to shout it together!

It is a song that looks great live.


This is the second song.

I feel the beat, jumps and jumps.

It may not be the most impressive song on the album, but this is the high quality song.

Maybe this album is the best one yet?


die for you

One of the two pop songs on the album.

Performed in the middle of the concert.

It is a pop song, but it is arranged in a metal-like way here and there, so I will never get tired of listening to it.

Let’s put aside our shyness and all together say “Yay, yay, yay!”.


Another pop song.

Very excellent song.

These two pop songs support the balance of the album.

Re:NO forgets the lyrics, but her reaction is sincere, which is a nice touch.

Sweet Temptation

This album is full of great songs, but the three Toki compositions stand out.

Without these three songs, the album would not have been of such high quality.

I applaud Toki for the way the riffs are constructed, and for bringing songs that will make even the metalheads groan.

And this song is not a fast song, but the riff construction is good.

I was glad to hear it.

One Way

It looks difficult to play, I thought while listening to the album.

I love the three Toki compositions to death, especially this one!

I feel Aldious has finally moved a step ahead.

The performance is of high enough quality that I admire their efforts.

Believe Myself

The lead track of this album.

I love the Helloween-style solo.

This is the kind of song that Aldious is known for.

My neck hurts from headbanging too much.

The beautiful melody loosens up my tear glands.


This song was a little bit more subdued on the album due to the Toki compositions, but it was amazing!

In terms of live excitement, this song is better.

I think it was the most exciting song of today’s concert.

It was performed at the end of the main show.

I guess this is the charm of Yoshi’s music.

I want to hear it again.


Wow, that was seamless.

This is another great song, also composed by Sawa.

Sawa is too cute at “Sawar time”, advertising with her “Japonica study book”.

Re:NO sang well enough, even though the song seems difficult to sing.

It is wonderful.


Hmmm, this one is good, too.

I love the melody that has the power to kill.

I thought they were going to perform it at the end of the main event, but I was wrong.

The singalong with the audience is also great.


The lead track from the previous album.

Oh, my God.

I think this song is their best work so far.

Especially the cathartic melody of the chorus.

I’m shaking my head and crying.

In the end

I don’t have all their albums, so there were a few songs I didn’t know.

But I still enjoyed the stage performance.

This band is still going to be big.

I can assure you.

Re:NO, with its non-metal singing, also became more palatable.

It’s nice to see the band’s growth.

I hear they will be back again next time for “wanko-soba”, so I’ll be waiting for that day with baited breath.

How about you come a little further this time, to Aomori?

February 7,2016 Freakz



What surprised me after calling my own live report for the first time in a while was the part where the “The lights went down and the customers moved all the way to the front “.

Yes, this is how it used to be.

I can’t wait to get that feeling again.

I wrote “To Aomori, how about that?” but Aldious comes to Aomori Prefecture frequently after that.

This consicience is no doubt one of the reasons for their popularity.

It makes us want to support Aldious, doesn’t it?

March 10,2022 Freakz