ConcertReport Raglaia February 20,2016 Japan



At the beginning

I went to the live concert of “Raglaia”.

It was raining and there was a long line in front of Daikanyama UNIT.

It was my first time to go to a live music club, so I expected it to be a little smaller, but there must have been about 300 people there.

It was quite popular.

99.5% of the audience was male.

It was hard to find women.

When I safely entered the live music club, the venue was already full.

I drank a few beers to get myself pumped up and moved to the middle of the venue.

The lights went down and Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” started playing.

Are they always playing it?

At this point, the crowd was getting pretty excited.


The band opened with an aggressive song with a strumming riff.

First of all, the band played well.

Rami’s high notes were well played.

The band seemed to be able to play difficult songs with stability.


I thought I didn’t know this song, but it turned out to be a song from “Aldious”.

It would not be out of place even if it was a song from “Raglaia”.

Fast songs followed.


A fast song with a moving melody.

The highlight was K-A-Z’s riff and solo.

He is capable of reproducing them live.

Although “Raglaia” is hard music, this song could have been played in “Aldious” and is catchy.

All parts of the band are very consistent.

Aching Memories

All the parts are great, but the drummer is very good.

I thought he was great on “The Kanmuri”, but he was even better on “Raglaia”.

This is another intense song.

The bass drum hits were hitting me hard in my gut.

The power of “Don’t Disturb Me” was amazing, Rami.

The solo was floating like a deathcore.


Finally, the middle song.

No, there are a lot of detailed and difficult things to do.

I guess it’s quite a pop category in the album.

It’s catchy and I get the feeling that it kept the live show from getting too boring.

Rami’s shout is very strong in the last part of the song.


When I first heard the album, I didn’t really get it, but it’s a really good song.

It is full of a sense of loneliness.

Basically, this band outsources their compositions.

This song was composed by Kiyoharu.

Without this one song, the album might not have been possible.


I found this one.

It is a song from “Aldious”‘ first album “Deep Exceed”.

Unlike “Raglaia”, the songs on “Aldious” have a simple, poignant feel to them.

I felt it was very comfortable in the hard and difficult live performance of “Raglaia”.

Is it my imagination or did K-A-Z seem bored because of the small number of guitar strokes?


Although it is the title track of the album, it is the most subdued song.

If I listen to it more, I may find its charm.

It is mid-tempo and has a calm atmosphere.

Drum solo

The members of the band probably produced this song individually.

I was fascinated when “Angel Of Death” from “Slayer” started at the end of the song.

Metal heads were delighted (including me).

Bass solo

I see why Ery’s microphone position is so high.

In the middle of the set, she played “Ace Of Spades” from “Motorhead”.

I guess it was a memorial song.

I remember there was a guy wearing a “Motorhead” shirt around the front.

Ery is a beautiful, poised, and dignified player.


Another great ballad from the first Aldious album.

Rami’s vocals are better suited for intense songs.

However, I felt that catchy songs like this are also necessary for “Raglaia”.

Strings of Fate

Another ballad from “Raglaia”.

It is a power ballad, so the song is quite heavy.

However, a sense of loneliness pervades the entire song.

I would have liked a little more catharsis in the melody, but I guess that’s a matter of taste.

Guitar solo

I guess that’s what guitarists are supposed to do, but it was a bit long.

The technique was as good as expected.

Don’t Change Your Mind

I had been watching the show in a relaxed manner up to this point, but from this song, I started to feel very uplifted.

This is a great song by Mari Hamada.

It is so perfect that I wish she performs it at every live concert.

And it has a catchiness that “Raglaia” doesn’t have.

Mari Hamada is great.

And Rami has so many high notes.

Spilit Black

This is a great song from “Aldious”.

Provocative riffs that make us headbang.

This is the charm of “Aldious” that “Raglaia” does not have.

The audience was also very excited, perhaps because the riffs were catchy is.

Outer Dark

With the audience in a high state of excitement, the band played no-fail song from “Raglaia”.

This song got the audience excited.

I applauded the members who performed the difficult song without hesitation.

The high notes of bridge echoed through my brain.

A masterpiece!

Perfect Harf

The encore started from here.

Before the encore, Rami announced her solo activities.

I hope she will experience various things and expand her range of expression.

A ballad song that I called “Kawamura Ryuichi” in my heart.

I think it is a good song.


A song that I think has the most killing power in the album.

I named it “Ghibli Metal” in my mind.

It is catchy and bursts with melodies that Japanese people seem to like.

Then Rami can usually reproduce this vocal in a live performance.

I was impressed.

At the end

And so the “Raglaia” concert came to an end.

It was a wonderful live performance that exceeded my expectations.

The live performance structure, which intentionally cut down on MC, gave me a decent impression, and I think it was successful.

From the opposite point of view, the MC is not so good.

No, I would say she is not very good at it.

This is not a big deal, as the band is still new to live performances and will probably get better as she gain more experience.

Let’s give a shout out to “Raglaia” for putting their metal spirit as much as they can.

February 24,2016 Freakz



I thought I hadn’t heard from them since the release of their first album, but it turns out that they are already on hiatus.

Rami is also working as a solo artist, and I don’t think we can expect them to restart their career.

August 5,2022 Freakz