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Sound source with such “feminine charm”

I have written before about “All-female band”, but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than, I will feature “Aldious”.

I listened to their second album “Determination” and found the vocals to be extremely feminine, and conversely, new.

It is rare to find such a sound source with such “feminine charm”.

I recommend this album.

Female vocals would not be a problem if they were in this form.

Once we understand music theory, we are bound by its rules and cannot think freely

The music is also quite good.

There are a few childish aspects, such as the wrong root, but it is great because it has its own flavor.

Once we understand music theory, we are bound by its rules and cannot think freely.

I would like to see more innovative songs like this produced before they reach musical maturity.

Pretty girls playing heavy metal in cabaret attire

Also, there is a lot of charm outside of music.

The mismatch of pretty girls playing heavy metal in cabaret attire has a huge impact.

And it is not the result of a clever producer trying to create an impact, but rather the girls’ own idea that brought them up from the indie music scene.

It’s quite heartwarming.

As long as they continue to play heavy metal, I will support them.

November 26,2011 Freakz


I personally think that female vocals in heavy metal should be feminine.

Alissa White-Gluz of “Arch Enemy”, for example, should adopt a more and more feminine clean voice.

It’s a charm that men can’t bring out.

As for Aldious, the vocalist of their second album “Determination” was Rami, then RE:NO, then R!N, and now they are without a vocalist.

I liked RE:NO’s careful singing style and R!N’s powerful vocals.

The songs, which were immature, have already matured and are quite far from the musicality of the early days.

Still, it is interesting that songs like “Baika” (included in “Unlimited Diffusion”), for example, remind me of the musicality of the early days.

As human beings grow up, it is natural for musicality to change.

We should not criticize the change itself.

As for their clothes, they are often dressed in beautiful dresses, although they don’t have the cabaret look now.

Many fans are probably looking forward to the new outfits.

It has been more than 10 years since I wrote the above text.

At that time, I never thought that I would fall in love with Aldious so much.

March 14,2022 Freakz