ConcertReport NingenIsu September 19,2022 Japan


I went to the tour final of “Wriggling in the Dark”


Hidakaya again, even though it was in Roppongi!

And no touch panel

The entrance is so cool

I wore this T-shirt this time




A typhoon was coming, but it wasn’t raining

I was worried about whether I would be able to hear the lines, but I was able to hear them


I don’t know if it was the fact that I was almost in the middle of the seats or not

but the sound was so good


1 Apocalypse of Prison

2 Invaders


Wajima started with this song, which was written after he was abducted when he was a student


I have an impression that many people don’t know Invaders


3 Empire of Signs

4 Mountains of Madness

5 The Shadow Out of Time


Again, a rare song   It is difficult to get into 3.

The part where the tempo increases in the middle of 4 is very exciting!


6 Curse of the Chrysanthemum Doll

7 Space Pirates


The MC was talking about the chrysanthemum dolls being terrifying.

I’m going to show you a chrysanthemum doll I saw in Hirosaki in 2017.





8 The Dunwich Horror

9 Black Sun


I like these two songs, they’re so creepy

The best part for me, I think


10 Heartless Scat


It’s a classic song these days


11 Spider’s Silk

12 The Chef from Hell

13 Love to Tie Heaven

14 Hell’s Mountain Of Needles


I expected Spider’s Silk

Red and Black for the Nobu corner, but it didn’t come out


Encore 1-1 Colors from Outer Space

1-2 Hell Scenery


Encore 2-1 Dottoharai The End


This time, I had checked the set of other places in advance, there were a few songs that I wanted to hear, but it didn’t work out that way


The ones I wanted to hear were

Golden Dawn


Love on a Triangular Wooden Horse

I guess…


But it was a great show full of rare songs!

The next day was Nobu’s birthday, so they celebrated with a cake

The audience couldn’t sing, so Wajima sang alone

He pretended to put out the candles because they couldn’t light them

By the way, Nobu seemed to be wearing a red loincloth and showed it to the audience




Next up: Hino Fest next week


As I was writing this, information came in that Mr. Hino Hideshi had cancelled his performance

I wonder if it’s OK for the Hino festival

September 26,2022 VERTICAL